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From Michelle Lancaster

Update on Hit and Run at Dupont Circle reports that the young woman struck in Wednesday night’s hit and run has passed away this evening. Keila Ryan, 24, was celebrating a birthday and was struck while exiting a vehicle in the 1300 block of Connecticut Ave. Stay tuned to as the story evolves – police have taken a Friendship Heights woman into custody after tracking her tag numbers.

Street Sense Silent Auction Oct. 14

Everyone knows the Express and the Examiner from their persistent hawking to morning commuters at Metro stops. Perhaps less well known are the men and women who sell Street Sense for $1. As their jingles state, Street Sense is a DC paper that is written by and about DC’s homeless. Learn more about the auction, which is just a little south of Borderstan proper.

Obama Fever? Rally Sends 3 Dozen to Health Services

President Obama visited the campus of Bowie State University today for a rally for Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley as the area enjoyed its first temperate fall weather in about a week. Unfortunately, the heat from the warm day and crush of students at the rally caused some health problems, WTOP reports. About 3 dozen people were treated for feeling faint.

Raising a Half Smoke to Ben Ali

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Ben Ali, founder of Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Stop by the original U St. location — am I the only one who can taste the difference at Nationals Stadium Ben’s outposts? — to get a memorial button, a half-smoke and enjoy a U St. institution. Read the full tribute from The Washington Post.

Rally for Sanity Details Out

While the National Mall is definitely outside Borderstan’s coverage area, the reported estimates in the hundreds of thousands of attendees mean that no one in DC will be able to escape the sanity or fear of the Stewart/Colbert rallies on Oct. 30. has the scoop on location and where proceeds go.


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