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Click to enlarge. The “official” Real World DC Premiere event was at BlackFinn last night with four cast members on hand (photos above). The “official” post-premiere event was at Halo Lounge on P Street in Borderstan. Nellie’s Sports Bar, 9th and U NW, also held a watch-party last night at 10 pm and will do so each Wednesday during the Real World DC series. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Four of the eight cast members were at the Real World DC premiere party last night: Ashley, Callie, Emily and Ty. Since the Real Worlders lived in the neighborhood at 20th and S NW and a lot of filming for the 12 episodes was in the area, we wanted to find out what they thought of the DupontLoganU Street area.

Ashley (top row, far left): “I liked DC Coast and McFadden’s a lot. It was great living in a place where everyone is so politically attuned and have such strong opinions… and love talking politics. I have lived in urban areas before so living downtown was not really new to me.”

Callie (top row, far right): “I fell in love with Busboys & Poets. I loved the poetry slams and their menu… since I am exploring vegetarianism… I liked being able to walk everywhere in the neighborhood, that was new for me.”

Emily (center row in middle): “Dogs! There are so many dogs in the Dupont area. There was a Newfoundland named Moose that I just loved… I like Banana Leaves [restaurant] a lot… And I loved walking to work.”

Ty (center row, far right): “The diversity of the area, in all ways. And I had never known many gay people, so living in the area changed me and made me think about gay rights and how they are everyone’s rights. Now I wear an [HRC] equality bracelet… We ate at Buca de Beppo a lot, it was close to the house.”

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The setting of “The Real World: DC” was 2000 S St. NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Yes, they’re coming back to Borderstan: on your TV. “The Real World DC” premiers Wednesday, Dec. 30, 10 p.m.

You can watch MTV’s video trailer for the newest of the Real World saga series. The trailer is 2 minutes and 10 seconds… some recognizable street scenes here and there in DupontLogan. I’m sure we we all see many local venues once the series begins. Production started June 20 and wrapped us this fall.

From MTV’s Web site: Eight strangers arrive in Washington to pursue their dreams and make ‘Real’ changes. ‘The Real World DC’ premieres Wednesday December 30th at 10 PM ET/PT.

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dcist has a slide show of some the visiting Teabaggers (yes, I still laugh about the use of the term), birthers and such on the National Mall on Saturday. We saw a handful of the visitors (we identified them by their hats and shirts) walking on the 1400-block of P Street NW last night in front of Halo and Stoney’s. My guess is that they were mystified by the site of… oh, a bunch of things… most likely by the fact that all kinds of people manage to get along with one another.

Over at the blog, Who Murdered Robert Wone?… is there a potentially huge new development in the case?

The report of the special committee of ANC 2F-Logan Circle on the Arts Overlay zone for the 14th and U Streets corridors is covered and analyzed… Mr. 14th & You has covered the process all along (with several very good postings) and was a member of the committee. In addition, Greater Greater Washington has also covered the process and weighs in with an analysis of the committee report.

I picked this up up from Loose Lips at the Washington City Paper: “Capitol Hill family wants to raise chickens in their backyard. City says no way. But WTTG-TV reports that the family is ‘working with the office of DC Councilmember Tommy Wells to try to get the law changed.’ ” I will admit that if the economy gets any worse, I may consider some chickens for our back garden.

And a nod to Real World DC: “September 8: Cast member Ashley now bartends at McFaddens near GW…. BREAKING: September 8: Cast member Erika reportedly quits and leaves.”

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I am sure those of you who are devotees of reality TV already know about this blog/Web site, Vevmo. I didn’t know it existed until yesterday. So, in addition to the Facebook Group for “The Real World: DC,” you can get your fix here. Blog away!

Oh, thanks to Penn Quarter Living for pointing out another blog, The Anti-Real World DC:

Dupont (again) – Oh…and there’s a blog that has been set up to track goings on at the Real World house. [The Anti-Real World DC]

For now, I am retreating into my middle-aged ignorance until actual production starts on the 20th here in lovely DupontBorderstan. Enjoy!

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UPDATE HERE! Will the house be at 20th & S NW?

Dcist reports this morning that The Real World’s DC season “will begin filming based in a Dupont Circle house on June 20.” We can only wonder if the DC version of The Real World will be in the West Borderstan section of Dupont Circle (that would be west of 15th Street). While the original boundary of Borderstan stops at 16th Street NW, the Greater Borderstan Cultural Area actually extends all the way to 20th Street NW, you know.

I just hope that there is some good public drama in local clubs, restaurants and grocery stores, regardless of where they live. DC sadly lacks vapid drama. Way too many Type A personalities here who want to save the world. A few self-absorbed pretty kids doing stupid stuff would liven things up.



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