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Mary Burgan, Borderstan Movie FanFrom Mary Burgan

Our 9-year-old grandson, Harry, has been visiting us, and since he is a movie lover like his grandma, we went to see two animated movies — Rio one day and Hop the next. We decided that Rio is a really great movie, but that Hop is a disappointment.

Thumbs Down on Hop

I asked Harry why he was so hard on Hop, and he answered that “It wasn’t realistic.” By that he meant a series of things. First, it featured the hero bunny, E.B., playing drums and talking to human beings without any of the humans noticing that he was a bunny!

The human guy in the movie was really a loafer who didn’t want to do anything! They had E.B. speaking with a British accent with no explanation! And where was E.B.’s mother? And why was he delivering baskets from an egg-shaped sleigh-like vehicle drawn by fluttering little peeps? None of this made sense to either of us.

And Grandma added that the whole thing was very boring!



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