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You can now add Borderstan to your RSS feeds… even add Borderstan to your home page. Just click on the “Posts” icon in the upper right-hand corner and take it from there.

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Good morning, Borderstan. Hope you like the new look of the site. Thanks go to Courtney for the design and to Luis for the images you will find around this site. The Borderstan tagline is also from Courtney: “We’re in-between neighborhoods right now.”

The significance of the image on the landing page of the 15th and Corcoran street signs? This intersection is the geographic center of Borderstan — as if you had been wondering about this factoid!

We are regularly adding new content; check out “In Our Neighborhood,” for example. We need more bloggers/writers to keep this site interesting. Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.


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