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Where do  you jog? (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome or email him at [email protected].

For most organized sports, people have great and detailed stories of how they first started. Maybe it was that cute girl who loved basketball players that encouraged you to work on your jump shot, or as a kid you just loved having a catch with your dad so you excelled at little league. However, in all my years (that isn’t many) I have never heard anyone tell me they started running because they just knew it was meant for them or how fun it is. Running is just… well, just running.

In my case, it was because my high school was too small for a football team and I was too slow/uncoordinated to play soccer in the fall, so cross country was the best way to get in shape for winter basketball. Despite hating every practice and meet I participated in, I am quite thankful to have learned the art of going for a jog. It has so many benefits that I won’t list them here (that and I am not qualified to be an expert in health matters).



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