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La Villa 14th Street NW Logan Circle

From Alejandra Owens at One Bite At A Time

Earlier this week I asked our Twitter followers what restaurant they would like me to check out next. Answering our call was from “Phil” who requested La Villa on 14th Street NW. Seems he lives nearby, but hadn’t been there… somewhat new in the area, a transplant from Adams Morgan and a loyal customer of El Tamarindo.

I’ll admit it: I groaned a little. I was skeptical. I can’t help it – I’m half Mexican-American and I’m from southern Arizona, for goodness sake!

But was I wrong! I should have known when I showed up and the place looked exactly like the little hole in the wall places I frequent at home. But when I knew… when I really knew that La Villa was legit was when I snacked on chips and salsa at the bar while I waiting for my veritable shmorgashborg (as you can see from the photo below) of food: the salsa was so good. My evening of food just got better and better.

Have you guys been? What do you think of the Salvadoran selections?

La Villa 14th Street NW Logan Circle

I had to try everything for you guys! (Alejandra Owens)

La Villa

Where Am I Going: 1317 14th St. NW (14th & N).

When Am I Going: Open every day for lunch and dinner.

Paycheck Pain: What pain? There’s no pain. I ordered two entrees, three appetizers, a beer and an horchata for about $40. (This is great late night food. Read into that what you will.)

Say What?: I think most folks get La Villa food to-go because when I went (around 6-ish) there were plenty of open tables (read: all of them were open). Maybe the place fills up later at night or on the weekends.

What You’ll Be Eating: You’ll be eating really, really well! Smooth, creamy refried beans, fried plantains, cheesy pupusas, well-seasoned steak taquitos, red sauce-slathered enchiladas.


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