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Ready for summer wear? (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Sarah Griswold. Email her at sarahg[AT]

Hi friends! I hope you are all having a fabulous summer so far, I know that I am. Apart from those few bursts of crazy rain, the sunshine has been more that welcomed in this household. And with these beautiful days abound, I have brought my summer wardrobe out of hiding.

Ladies, I’m sure you’re like me — when dragging out your dusty box of summer dresses, short-shorts and cami’s, it’s exciting to be reunited with those small, but essential pieces that adorned all your “Summer 2012” Instagram photo album pictures, but then you’re left wanting.

My Local Picks

Whether you’re looking for new frocks to wear on your summer trip to NYC, or relaxing beachside vacation to Charleston, SC, or if you just want to freshen up your summer outfits, I have a list of cute little boutiques you must check out this year.

  • Redeem Shop Independent, 1734 14th St NW. Flaunting cool, designer duds for men and women, this shop also makes room for lesser known names too. For me, this is great place to get something completely unique, edgy, urban and screamingly original.
  • Caramel, 1603 U Street NW. One of the first spots I explored upon moving to the city. Again, this shop caters to men and women, so feel free to drag your boyfriend along to spruce up his wardrobe too! As far as the clothing goes, I find Caramel ultra feminine and airy; things you can wear to work and to happy hour right afterward.
  • Lettie Gooch, 1517 U Street NW. This is such a great shop and every time I walk by the window displays, I’m compelled to go in. Bright and bold colors and ready to wear styles that are modern without being pretentious. Flowy dresses, structured collars and bright statement jewelry adorn this little boutique.
  • Violet Boutique, 2439 18th Street NW. This is a great “go-to” spot with reliably cute and easy styles. It reminds me of shopping in your stylish girlfriend’s closet. Pretty, girly styles and accessories without pushing your boundaries too far.

At all of these boutiques, styles and sizes are limited, so be sure to check in with them often so you don’t miss out on anything!

And Once You’re Done…

  • Once you have done your damage, be sure to make some room in your closet and get rid of all those items you love but don’t wear anymore — Buffalo Exchange on 1318 14th Street NW accepts donations or you can resell there too.
  • You can also donate your items to any one of the great donation centers in a neighborhood near you.  Here are a couple to get you started — Martha’s Table at 2114 14th Street NW or Goodwill Donation Center on 2200 South Dakota Avenue NE.

Have I missed one of your favorite shops? Are there any new boutiques the rest of us should know about? Post a comment below and spread the love!

Happy summer shopping!

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So many dogs, so many places to go. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Sarah Griswold. Email her at sarahg[AT]

Hi friends, and happy summer! With these past couple weeks of high temperatures, it finally feels like summer is upon us! With the warmer weather, we have all been getting out into the sunshine, and I’ve been seeing more and more of our furry friends out and about too.

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about the thriving pet culture we have here in DC. It seems that everywhere you look there are happy pups strolling along 17th Street NW or lounging on an outside patio over on P. It’s true, DC residents love their pets, and I want to talk about some of the best places to take your pooch along with you this summer.

First off, if you don’t have a dog but are exploring the options and breeds that would be best for you, or if you are looking for a buddy for your dog (I personally believe in the buddy system), I have researched the best “apartment dogs” for you. By “apartment dogs,” I mean what dogs do well with small spaces and don’t require a lot of maintenance. You might be surprised to learn that Great Danes top the list! They are known for being quiet, gentle and lazy giants. You will also find that Pugs, Greyhounds and English Bulldogs won’t require lots of exercise and tend to be relatively low maintenance.

Next, if you live in the District you really need to know about the nearby dog parks and what times they are open so your furry friend can socialize and also to get out of your tiny, but cute, partially remodeled with exposed brick and über chic +/- 600 square foot apartment and get some exercise.

I love the dog parks; they remind me of a big back yard from back home — something most of these dogs are not familiar with. A little piece of advice though — keep your eyes on your pup. You never know how those interactions with other dogs will go and you don’t want a full-scale dog fight on your hands.  Here are some of the dog parks in the area. For a complete list of dog parks, follow this link.

You may be wondering about some places you can take your dog for some socializing of your own. As it turns out, there are lots of places that welcome pets. Some key spots in our neighborhood are:

  • Logan Tavern, 1423 P Street NW
  • Commissary, 1443 P Street NW
  • Bar Pilar, 1833 14th Street NW
  • Hank’s Oyster Bar, 1624 Q Street NW
  • Ulah Bistro, 1214 U Street NW
  • Lauriol Plaza, 1835 18th Street NW
  • Cafe Dupont, 1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW

Check out this complete list of dog friendly spots in your local area.

Since we are all feeling the heat this summer, I encourage you to get out there and explore what options are available in your particular neighborhood so you and your pooch can get that vitamin D without getting too overheated.


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Give your mother some fun this Mother’s Day. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Sarah Griswold. Email her at sarahg[AT]

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many of us need to start getting our celebratory plans in order. As we all know, holidays can be hectic when left to the last minute and you don’t want to look like you don’t have it together in front of mom.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered fellow Borderstanis! I’ve got some of my personal favorite brunch spots as well as some more unique options and all with room for mom’s favorite breakfast cocktail — virgin or spiked of course.

  • First up: Locolat CafeFrom 9 am to 3 pm, Locolat (1781 Florida Avenue NW) is offering buy 2 get 2 mimosas FREE, plus a special Mother’s Day waffle with shrimp and free chocolate all for $19. And trust me, the chocolates here are ah-mazing. You’re likely leaving with more than just one. Phone: 202-518-2570.
  • Right around the corner at L’Enfant CafeHere they are giving your mother her first mimosa for FREE. Also, they just launched a brand new brunch menu that looks pretty délicieux! Brunch is served from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Phone: 202-319-1800.

Now on to something a little different.

  • The Mansion on O StreetThe museum collection rotates and changes daily, and includes art, musical and even written manuscripts for mom to browse. On Mother’s Day they are offering champagne brunch at $85 per person, international and regional foods with award winning desserts from 11 am to 4 pm. Your mom may choose to follow up brunch with afternoon tea at $45 per person from 3 to 5 pm. Phone: 202-496-2000.
  • The Greenhouse at the Jefferson Hotel (1200 16th Street, NW). Starting at 7 am, running to 2 pm, the The Greenhouse is serving up a delectable four course brunch experience at $80 per person. Afternoon tea may also follow this brunch from 2 to 3 pm for $39 per person. Phone: 202-448-2300.
  • Masa 14If you are looking to keep mom’s mimosa full, Masa 14 offers a $35 per person unlimited prix fixe brunch with menu items ranging from breakfast pizza to chilaquiles to salted caramel and chocolate flan. Brunch is served 10 am to 3 pm. Phone: 202-328-1414.

Whatever your plans for Mother’s Day, here’s wishing you, and your mom a very special day together! Cheers!

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