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Last week, I posted a piece from DCFoodies on Oktoberfest celebrations in the area along with a receipe for bratwurst and German potato salad. The receipe looks wonderful, but a bit… non-traditional by heartland standards.

The posting solicited this comment from Courtney, a Borderstanian and native Wisconsinite… from Sheboygan County, no less:

Oh, my gosh. That’s not how you do it! I grew up in Sheboygan County WI, home to Johnsonville, Brat Days (yes, days are necessary to celebrate the brat), and an artificial drinking age.

The real way to do this is to slow boil your Johnsonville brats in vats of cheap beer, with onions (I have a secret ingredient, but I’m not sharing). After the brats have changed color, they go on the grill. While they are being served they go back into a beer and onions bath.

Ideally you need Sheboygan hard rolls, but they are not to be found in DC… a regular crusty hamburger roll will have to do. I think sauerkraut is weird, and the brats have such a great flavor, that a little grainy mustard is all you need.


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