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Snowpocalypse February 2010, Corcoran Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].

Finally. This weekend I finally felt the season was actually winter when my Gmail theme background turned white, and the view outside my window matched it. I think it’s safe to say this winter has been unseasonably warm and lacked the bite to even have me thinking about grabbing the boots out of the back of the closet.

So, after a bunch of cold windy days with annoying rain, this weekend we finally got some powder. Sure it only lasted one evening and it wasn’t cold enough to last more than 24 hours — but it finally felt like winter.

I come from the land of New Jersey where snow is a bit more regular and a snow day doesn’t happen when a report thinks there is a 40% chance of ice. DC has always made me laugh because while residents know it may snow every once in awhile, sheer panic occurs when it happens (being prepared won’t always save you).

Planning for Your Next Snow Day

With snow on my mind, here are some things to enjoy the next time DC goes in lockdown and we get a snow day.

Layer Up and Get Out There. If there is enough on the ground, the temperature is nice and cold, and it’s still coming down, there are not many good excuses for not having a little romp in the snow.  The Borderstan area does not have a lot open park space, but Meridian Hill Park and Stead Park may be good areas for snowman building and snow-angel making. For the hardcore, take your garbage can top and head to one of these areas in the district that have good hills. There always tends to be a great neighbor vibe when it comes to playing in snow, so definitely get out there next time.

Don’t Just See a Movie, See an Imax. Lots of people go see movies on snow days and I don’t blame them; the allure of theater popcorn (always tastes better) and “movie theater-only candy” (like Buncha’Crunch) is strong. But if you are going to spend the day indoors, I recommend going big and going Imax. The one in the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall is easy to reach.  Sometimes they play regular movies, but most of the time it’s one of their own great shows. Frankly, looking at today’s movies, I think the Imax is the better way spend your money and day.

Prepare for the Olympics with Ice Skating. Skating while it’s snowing is a great experience. The Sculpture Garden Ice Rink is easily accessible and worth a visit. Yeah, everyone wobbles a little and falls are standard so take the risk and enjoy it.

Of course, snow also lends itself to serious Netflix show marathons, sleep catch-up, trips to malls, Kindle usage, and delicious homemade hot chocolate. There are also small special events, but I think the key to a good snow day is plenty on the ground, cold temperature, and a good hill near by.

On My Mind

SUPERBOWL. My Giants vs. my gf’s Patriots. REMATCH. More words on this game and Borderstan activities during in next week’s column.

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • Starbucks is adding booze; about time, I think.
  • Like anyone cares what the goalie of the Boston Bruins thinks about Obama.
  • D.C. Auto Show coming soon… sometimes these things are cool.

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Borderstan map

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Weekend Roundup Edition from Michelle Lancaster

Logan Circle: Gentrification Spurs Hate Crimes?

TBD has the disturbing story of the experiences of Stanley and Ted who suffered assaults on the 1400 block of R Street NW. The response from local residents and police, as reported in the story, are also cause for concern. Readers, what has been your experience in the R Street area?

What’s Up with Brickskellar on 22nd?

What is the future of the Brickskellar on 22nd Street NW? I thought this was old news, but talking to enough beer aficionados this weekend that thought I was making this up, here is your official heads up: it appears the owners are selling and taking the legendary name with them. For the full read, check it out in the Washington City Papers full review of the situation and recommendations for new owners.

Prince George’s Corruption Scandal

PG County Executive Jack Johnson and his wife, county councilmember-elect Leslie Johnson, were arrested Friday on charges of allegedly destroying evidence in a two-year federal corruption probe. Monday morning, three Prince George’s County police officers were arrested in connection with the same probe. Prosecutors are saying even more is to come in this unfolding case.

For reference, the complaint charges that a $100,000 check was flushed down the toilet; at the time of arrest, Leslie Johnson was found to have $79,600 in her underwear. Stay tuned to TBD for more breaking news on this latest DC-area story of government power and corruption.

Smithsonian No Longer Free?!

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform made a number of unpopular suggestions for lowering the federal deficit and spending, but one particularly rankled D.C. residents. The panel recommended slashing the Smithsonian Institution’s budget and suggested a fee of $7.50 per admission to make up the funds. For two local takes — pro and con — see NBC’s take on ‘an indulgence we can no longer afford’ and DCist’s response and reader poll opposing the move.


What Else?

Washington City Paper covers the Tweed Ride; the opportunity to purchase a date with Clinton Portis of the Redskins as covered by the Washington Examiner and the ongoing debate on Hank’s Oyster Bar at 17th and Q NW, from our own Tom Hay.

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Here are some suggestions of things to do during the weekend in Borderstan, really close by or in the city.


RedRocks Pizzeria is at 1036 Park Road NW in Columbia Heights.

Thai Tanic, Located at 1326 14th Street, NW

Thai Tanic is in Borderstan at 1326 14th Street NW.

RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria at 1036 Park Road NW opened in 2007 and has some of the finest pizzas in the city (in my opinion). It has a patio and makes for a smart choice for a quick good meal.

Thai Tanic Restaurant is one of the pioneers business in the area, located at 1326 14th Street NW. It is also a favorite of ours with an extensive menu and affordable prices.


Capital Fringe Festival: “Revolutionary! Isadora Duncan,” at the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. (Photo: Chelsea Bauch.)


“Storefront Churches: Photographs by Camilo José Vergara” is at the National Building Museum. (Photo: Camilo Jose Vergara.)

Capital Fringe Festival: “Revolutionary! Isadora Duncan,” is showing at the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, 900 Massachusetts Avenue NW. Showtime is this Saturday at 11:30 a.m.

“Storefront Churches: Photographs by Camilo José Vergara,” is at the National Building Museum at 401 F Street NW. Vergara says, “I quickly understood churches to be crucial to my project, and a separate study of them began to develop.” The exhibit includes areas of Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York.

King Lear at the Sidney Harman Hall.

“King Lear” plays downtown at the Sidney Harman Hall.

The Bannaba Project at the National Museum of the American Indian.

The Bannaba Project performs at the National Museum of the American Indian on The National Mall.

William Shakespeare’s “King Lear” is at the Sidney Harman Hall, 450 7th Street NW. A production of the Shakespeare Theatre Company, “King Lear” is both an “intimate family drama and an explosive political epic”.

The Bannaba Project is at the National Museum of the American Indian at 4th Street and Independence Avenue NW. The Bannaba Project is nine-member band from Panama that “blends pre-Columbian sounds and sensibilities with jazz, pop, calypso and other rhythms of the Caribbean.”

Vincent Written by Leonard Nimoy at the DC Arts Center

“Vincent” by Leonard Nimoy is playing at the DC Arts Center.

The Bob Dylan Show at The Ripken Stadium

The Bob Dylan Show, John Mellencamp, and Willie Nelson and Family are at Ripken Stadium.

“Vincent,” written by Leonard Nimoy: “The show offers an evening of laughter, tears and insight into van Gogh’s passion and suffering, while considering the meaning of art and artistry in a world where success is judged in terms of sales, by which measure van Gogh fell short during his lifetime.” It is at the DC Arts Center,  2438 18th Street NW.

Bob Dylan & His Band, John Mellencamp, and Willie Nelson and Family are playing at Ripken Stadium at 873 Long Drive in Aberdeen, Maryland, on Friday, July 24.

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Here are some suggestions of things to do during the weekend in Borderstan, really close by or in the city. (Also, check out Borderstan’s “July 4th: A Guide to the Guides, Street Closures.”)

El Paraiso Restaurant, 1916 14th Street, NW, Borderstan

El Paraiso Restaurant, 1916 14th St. NW in Borderstan south of U St. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

City Lights of China, 1731 Connecticut Ave. NW

City Lights of China, 1731 Connecticut Ave. NW, north of Dupont Circle. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

El Paraiso Restaurant at 1916 14th Street NW is always a perfect choice for a lazy weekend. Good cheap food with flavor… not fancy with okay service. If you are into Latin American soccer, this is the place to watch your team play while enjoying a beer and the company of many amigos. Mexican-Salvadoran places in DC are often good substitutes for traditional Greek-owned diners–since we seem to lack as many as other large cities.

City Lights of China at 1731 Connecticut Ave NW. Just north of Dupont Circle, it is an old favorite in the area. If Chinese food is what you are looking for this is a good place to go and have a delicious meal. The menu is divided between specialties from the regional cuisines of Szechuan and Canton.

August Wilson's Radio Golf at The Studio Theatre, 1501  14th Street, NW

“August Wilson’s Radio Golf” at The Studio Theatre, 1501 14th St. NW in Borderstan. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)


“The Color Purple” is at The Kennedy Center, 2700 F St. NW. (Image: Kennedy Center Web site.)

August Wilson’s Radio Golf” at The Studio Theatre 1501 14th Street, NW. Showing here in Borderstan… gentrification is examined, according to the Studio Theatre: “The Studio Theatre’s production of ‘Radio Golf’ will strongly echo the current zeitgeist in Logan Circle, Washington and around the nation.” (more…)

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"The Americans" is an exhibit of photos by Robert Franks. It is at the National Gallery of Art-West through April 9.

“The Americans” is an exhibit of photos by Robert Frank. It is at the National Gallery of Art-West through April 26.

Here is a photography exhibit I recommend: “The Americans” at the National Gallery of Art-West Building with Robert Frank’s famous 1950s series of 83 photos. It runs through April 26. One Photograph A Day has info here.


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Free in DC has listings of lots of great free things to see and do in Washington. Here is another one from Free in DC:

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museum of American History are co-sponsoring a celebration of the Latin American holiday Los Días de los Muertos (Days of the Dead), with a two-day family-friendly event at the National Museum of the American Indian Mall Museum.

The Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe will feature a special menu for the weekend, including roasted chicken with a vanilla-cinnamon mole sauce, two sides, and pan de muertos (a special sweet bread made in honor of the occasion).

By the way, here is what Wikipedia has to say about Día de los Muertos:

The Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos in Spanish) is a holiday celebrated mainly in Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage (and others) living in the United States and Canada. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and relatives who have died. The celebration occurs on the 1st and 2nd of November, in connection with the Catholic holy days of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day which take place on those days. Read entire post.

More Information About Museum Celebration

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A new exhibit opens September 27 at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Found this at a DC blogger’s site, “Authentic Art Visions,” which I’ve added to the DC Blogger list in the right-hand column.

On September 27, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History opens its new Sant Ocean Hall, the largest exhibition in the museum’s 100-year history. The 23,000-square-foot hall, located in the center of the museum, explores the vast, diverse and constantly changing ocean-from its sunlit surface to its darkest depths, from prehistory to today, and from the smallest microorganisms to the biggest animals ever known.


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