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Snowy spot

You dug out the parking spot, made it look nice and clean. Sure, it took 45 minutes, but you are meticulous. And now that you’ve cleared the snow, you’re ready to head out. You get in your car, turn the key, and . . .

Wait. You just spent all this time shoveling snow. What if some jerk swoops in and steals your spot when you leave? You can’t let someone else mooch off of your hard work. Maybe you should kindly but firmly mark your territory with a well-placed lawn chair, or a cone, or a milk crate or a sign. (more…)

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Columbia Heights snow (Photo via Brianne Nadeau)Locals taking advantage of the $1-per-day-parking at the DC USA retail development are getting more time to move their cars before the deal ends, Councilmember Brianne Nadeau of Ward 1 announced today.

The special parking arrangement for Columbia Heights residents went into effect Friday morning, when the District’s snow emergency started. The deal was set to end at 8:30 p.m. today, two hours after the emergency is scheduled to conclude. But now locals with cars at DC USA won’t have to begin paying the complex’s standard parking fees until after 10 p.m. tomorrow.

Nadeau noted in an email to residents:


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A roof collapsed at a vacant home near Adams Morgan last night.

Rescuers responded to the incident around 6:15 p.m. Nobody was inside the home when the roof caved in, said D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Tim Wilson. (more…)

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Snow removalLocals can start parking their cars on snow emergency routes tomorrow evening, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced this afternoon.

The snow emergency is scheduled to end at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, she said at a news conference. Since 9:30 a.m. Friday, individuals who have left cars on 16th Street NW, U Street NW and other roads have faced fines and losing their vehicles to tow trucks.

For residents who used the $1-per-day-parking at the DC USA retail development, they will have until 8:30 p.m. tomorrow to get their cars. Otherwise, they will have to start paying DC USA’s standard parking fees.


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Jim Graham at Rock Hard SundaysFormer D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham’s new blizzard relief package involves free admission to a strip club.

Graham will tonight host a free special Tuesday edition of “Rock Hard Sunday,” the weekly male strip club act he promotes at The House (3530 Georgia Ave. NW) in Park View. The show, which normally costs $10, was cancelled last Sunday because of the blizzard. (more…)

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When we visited Meridian Hill Park over the weekend, we heard about the use of an air mattress as a sled and witnessed a beer sign take a man down a set of stairs.

But those unlikely toboggans lacked special modifications to help their riders descend the park’s inclines. No one at the time thought to use duct tape to attach skis to the bottom of an ironing board, for example.

Then this man came to the park with the “Jonas Broboggan 3” Sunday.


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U and 14th streets NW on Jan. 23, 2016Snowplows are making their way through the District’s roads after the blizzard, helping bring out the asphalt that lies beneath the slush.

But have they made it to your street yet? Can you see the pavement?

Councilmember Brianne Nadeau of Ward 1 wrote in an email to her constituents yesterday afternoon that the D.C. government’s goal is to get all streets cleared by later today. Alleys will not see snowplows, however.


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The blizzard is over. But the storm and its aftermath will live on in photos, videos and tweets.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we collected 26 photos, 21 tweets and two YouTube videos from Borderstan readers and our own reporting.

They include images of snowball-wielding attackers, sledding in whiteout conditions in Meridian Hill Park and mostly untouched snow on Saturday morning.

We hope you got through the storm all right and had some fun. As you wait for the snowplows to arrive, here’s a look back at the blizzard.


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(Updated at 4 p.m.) Hundreds of locals armed with snowballs converged at the Meridian Hill and Dupont Circle parks to wage war on each other this afternoon.

Under sunny, clear skies, the attackers hurled chunks of snow at one another, drawing screams and laughter. Some of the combatants were covered in snow, but appeared uninjured and in good spirits.

At the Meridian Hill skirmish, dubbed the “Snowzilla Snowball Sunday Showdown,” rows of fighters battled as “It’s All About the Benjamins” and other songs blasted in the background. Some of participants used trash can lids, sleds and unlucky friends as shields.


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What does it look like for more than a foot of snow to fall in Dupont and Logan circles?

Borderstan readers Sarah M. of Dupont and Andrew Becnel of Logan shared with us these time-lapse videos they created during the blizzard. In Becnel’s video, there’s some familiar music to horror movie fans.

Reader David Mazzotta of Columbia Heights also shared a time-lapse video of some good Samaritans’ efforts to free an Uber driver’s car from the snow.

Do you have a time-lapse video you’d like to share? Tweet at us or send us an email.

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Trader Joe's (Photo courtesy of Andrea Korte)

(Updated at 11:45 a.m.) Major grocery stores around town are open today after a blizzard ripped through the area.

We called several grocery stores this morning to see if they’re serving customers today. We were unable to reach representatives of the Whole Foods at 1440 P St. NW and the Giant Food at 1345 Park Road NW to see if they’re open.

But a reader reports that Giant is open.

Although they might not have everything you need, the following stores also are open:


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Mike Lindle prepares to sled on a beer sign

Blinding snow didn’t keep dozens of locals from zooming down stairways and other inclines on sleds, a beer sign and, for a time, an air mattress in Meridian Hill Park this afternoon.

Powered by liquid courage in some cases, the sledders plunged down packed snow screaming and laughing while they dodged walls and bystanders. But no collisions happened when Borderstan visited.

Mike Lindle, who lives near the park, was trying out his sledding skills on a Newcastle Brown Ale metal beer cap sign when we saw him. He and some friends used an air mattress to go down some stairs at the park, until it deflated.


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U and 14th streets NW on Jan. 23, 2016

The snowstorm that is upon us has several names so far.

There’s “Snowzilla”. “Jonas.” And “Make Winter Great Again,” among others.

At Borderstan, our readers were fans of “Gorf,” which was co-editor Tim Regan’s humble suggestion. They weren’t that into the “U Street Silencer,” “The Dupont Disaster of 2016,” or “Columbia Heights Harbinger of Doom,” however.

Our readers had a few other ideas for blizzard monikers, including “Snow v. Wade,” “SnowWayOut,” “Snow Wars: The Winter Awakens,” “Bombogenesis 2016” and “The (snow) Force Awakens.”


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Logan Hardware on Jan. 23, 2016

There are a few places where you can get a hot meal or stock up on blizzard supplies in Logan Circle, for now. But if you want food from a major grocery store, you’re out of luck.

Ted’s Bulletin (1818 14th St. NW), Commissary (1443 P St. NW), Logan Tavern (1423 P St. NW) and 14th St. Cafe Asian Bistro (1416 14th St. NW) are among the few restaurants in Logan Circle serving food so far today.

Logan Hardware (1734 14th St. NW), a CVS Pharmacy (1418 P St. NW) and a 7-Eleven (14th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW) are open, too. A Sunoco (1442 U St. NW) is selling food and other supplies as well, but no gas.


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Meridian Hill Park has received almost a foot of snow so far this morning as a blizzard continues to pummel the area.

As of 8 a.m., the north section of the park had 10 1/4 inches of snow, according to our measurements. Throughout the weekend, we’ll be monitoring snowfall totals in that area.

About a half-dozen people were in the park around that time, hiking through the mostly undisturbed snow for selfies, dog walks and work.



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