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Solly’s Tavern at U Street. (onuis Gomez Photos)

From Emiliano Barron. Email him at ebarron[AT]

Solly’s Tavern is one of the most unique places I’ve visited while in DC. Being from a foreign country, Solly’s is exactly how I imagined a typical American bar, complete sports memorabilia and other items that look like they’ve been collected form vintage stores and garage sales.

One of the things that makes Solly’s so special is its community feel. Whether you are there with friends to watch a big game over some beers, or you are alone on a weeknight, looking for a quiet place to drink, Solly’s accommodates everyone.

During my recent trip, I enjoyed sitting at the bar, meeting other locals and hearing stories on the history of the neighborhood, as well as its new developments.

The bar has a menu that changes almost weekly, giving the customers a different surprise every time they visit. Solly’s serves up dishes such as nachos (always a great choice with a cold beer), a variety of sandwiches, tacos and wings.

The bar’s most famous sandwich is the Chicken and Cheese Stallion, which is  chicken, cheese and roasted tomatoes. All the items on the menu are priced around $10, and the beers range from $3 to $10.

The bar is conveniently located (1942 11th Street NW) near the U Street Metro and is walking distance to tons of other bars and restaurants on U Street for those who prefer to “crawl.”

Solly’s is a great place to go have a quick bite to eat and have a couple drinks while enjoying a great conversation with the great people that come in.

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Looking for a cool spot at a local sports bar?(Luis Gomez Photos)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at scott[AT]

Modern man has invented some remarkable products to better help us deal with one of the things we can’t control in life: the weather. Advance materials and ways of sewing have brought forth concepts like dry-fit for both hot and cold climates. While I enjoy that and many others, there is only one thing that brings me immense joy and comfort: central air conditioning. And in DC, can you imagine summers without AC?

I shudder to think of a world where people went from place to place, sweating everywhere with no relief except hoping it got dark or a storm would come. Honestly, we praise Henry Ford and Eli Whitney for innovations to the world, but why isn’t the man who invented AC a household name?

If you haven’t noticed the heat recently, maybe you’re a cactus. For the rest of us, it has literally been the hottest (worst) summer in DC ever on record, making doing just about anything outside awful. The idea of even walking to Bethesda Bagel on Connecticut Avenue over the weekend was a serious discussion of “Is there enough shade on the walk?” and “We need enough water for there and back.” One of the only ways to beat the heat (stupid Lebron) is to not go outside and enjoy your AC. It’s like having a car in DC. If you don’t have it, make friends with people who do and never leave their nicely cooled living rooms. I am fortunate enough to have mine cranking as you read this post, but I understand it is a luxury.

Get Out for a Beer and Watch Some Sports

We can’t stay inside forever (as much as we may want to) and sometimes you need a beer or a place to watch a sporting event. So here is just a handful of places in Borderstan with excellent air conditioning. They may not be as good as some other bars as sport watching venues, but if the aim is to stop sweating, stop in these places.

  • Buffalo Billiards: Tons of TVs, tons of space and always pumping AC. Also because it is underground it is not being blasted with rays of sun, which helps.
  • Nellie’s Sports Bar: Great sports bar with fully functioning 21st century central air. Also, there is the option of the outdoors with Nellie’s large rooftop deck — that is, if it is not 105 degrees.
  • Solly’s U St Tavern: Brick building insulates well and blocks heat. Also their AC and HDTVs are in fantastic working order.
  • Your Own Apartment: Stay home. No wait time, always a seat and you can control the temperature.

Beware of any places with large glass windows, huge patios and a constant swinging of the front door. Yes, atmosphere, drink selection and price are important for choosing a bar. But, this time of year only go to places with temperatures similar to a fridge.

In the Hopper

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • Inventor of the first “electronic‘ football game has passed away.
  • The History of Rock, in 100 cords. Worth watching all 12 minutes.
  • Cookie Monster’s version of “Call Me Maybe”.

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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

From Michelle Lancaster. Tell me what I missed on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Lower Loan Rates Mean Higher Down Payments

Lower loan rates are coming to potential homebuyers as a result of the recent mortgage crisis. So, if you are looking to move away from that noisy patio bar or want to be closer to the action, what should you expect as of October 1? Urban Turf reports that you’re likely to encounter more stringent underwriting of loans, higher down payments and higher interest rates. It’s perhaps not all bad news, though; the smaller pool of buyers capable of putting down a big payment may drive prices down.

The Saga of the ‘Post Office’ Project

So, now you’ve decided where to buy. Be careful, there are commercial real estate areas near you that may cause a ruckus, either in applications for liquor licenses or while in operation! We reported on the decision by ANC2B to protest the ‘Post Office Bistro’ liquor license application earlier, but there’s more to this story. Fliers appeared in residents’ mailboxes and posted around the area earlier in the week, urging residents to protest the bistro’s application. A number of residents took issue with the fear mongering messages and anonymous approach and have been expressing their opinion in comment sections of some local blogs. Now, we find out from 14th and You and from Tuesday night’s ANC meeting that the flyer was the brainchild of Elwyn Ferris. Why does that matter? He’s the partner of local ANC2B Commissioner, Ramon Estrada. See Tom Hay’s summary from last night’s ANC 2B meeting: ANC 2B Votes to Protest “Post Office” Liquor License Application.


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Duffy's Irish Pub, Vermont Avenue NW, U Street corridor

Duffy’s Irish Pub at 2106 Vermont Avenue NW will Irish dancing on St. Patrick’s Day. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Alejandra Owens and Laura Herman. On Twitter: follow Alejandra on @frijolita and Laura @Lmhhabs. Alejandra also writes about food at at her site, One Bite At A Time.

Few things say St. Patrick’s day more than a green beer, an Irish band playing in the background and singing an Irish ballad or two.

Okay, so where does one partake in the green-beer-singing-hopping around fun? D.C. might not be Boston (or New York or Chicago), rich with Irish pubs and a history of Irish immigrants, but we do have a few great bars to enjoy the day of the patron saint of Ireland.

Laura and I pulled together of best bets and a few good deals for when you make your way out this week. Do you guys have plans to celebrate? Where will you be?

Bars to Hit and Their Best Deals

  • The Blaguard falls just outside the boundaries at 18th Street and Florida Avenue/U Street NW, but is a hidden gem of a bar.
  • Duffy’s Irish Pub is the District’s Irish bar in resident. With Irish dancers, an Irish bar, Guiness and Jameson girls and green beer, you better get there early. There’s no cover from noon to 2 pm, $5 from 2 to 3 pm and $10 after 3 pm. The first 200 people get a free T-shirt to commemorate the day. Don’t forget to grab $2 Green Jello shooters and $5 green beer. Duffy’s is at 2106 Vermont Avenue NW, across from the 9:30 Club.
  • James Hoban’s Irish Restaurant is located off the southwest side of Dupont Circle (address is 1 Dupont Circle) and serves up dishes such as Irish Stew and shepherd’s pie along with other pub favorites like burgers and fish and chips. Happy hour prices will last from 9 am to 2 pm, so that’s $5 imported drafts, $4 domestic drafts, $4 imported bottles, $3 domestic bottles and $4 rail drinks and glasses of wine.
  • Solly’s Tavern is a long-time favorite you can go to on St. Patrick’s Day, at 11th and U Streets NW.
  • Maddy’s Bar and Grille can’t be called thew newcomer to Dupont any longer. With a loyal following, lots of space and solid bar food, you can’t beat it! Location is 1726 Connecticut Avenue NW, just south of S Street on the west side of the avenue.

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