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From Jana Petersen

Saturday, June 10: The Source Theater kicks off the Source Festival this Saturday. “Every creative journey begins with one bold step. In the spirit of adventure, Source Festival combines the forces of rising talents with established artists.

Driven by creativity, collaboration and invention, Source Festival artists from across the nation present 25 new works over three weeks. The relationships built here lay the path for the next generation of outstanding performing artists.” (Source).

The festival runs through July 3, and will feature 18, 10-minute plays, three full-length plays and four artistic blind dates: that is, the collaboration and convergence of twelve artists to produce four art pieces (with audience feedback at the end of each installation).

The Source begins the first leg of the Festival with 10-Minute Plays, a series of 18 plays split into three categories among established and rising artists. $20 per ticket, “these 10-Minute Plays are for the ambitious theatre fan with a hunger for something new.

Travel to upstate New York in search of Sasquatch, follow two forces of nature in love, or play a deadly game of chance with Eric the Red.” (Source) The 10-minute plays are split into three categories, Lost & Found, Lovers & Friends and Heroes & Villains.

  1. Lost & Found: Finding yourself or missing a long lost love. These plays ask, “Just what are you looking for?”
  2. Lovers & Friends: BFFs or star-crossed lovers? These plays take a closer look at the complexities we all face in building relationships.
  3. Heroes & Villains: The good, bad and ugly. These plays explore humanity’s best and worst players.

What else is going on in the area? The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee opened this past Monday and runs through July 3 at the Keegan Theater. Read the full review here.

Find out what is going on at other theaters in the area below the fold: (more…)


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