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There is one that’s right for you. (Dafna Steinberg)

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All right, Borderstan… who is ready for SPRING??

I realize that the weather in our fair city has not exactly been cooperative when it comes to planning a spring wardrobe (what is up with this cold wind?), but it doesn’t hurt to start getting ready anyway. Maybe if we all close our eyes and imagine warm, sunny days, it’ll happen?

While I could go into different outfits to wear for warmer days, I’d rather focus on some necessities that you need to have in your closet. One of these necessities is the leather jacket.  Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) needs a well-fitted leather jacket — especially when the weather goes from warm to cold in about 3.5 seconds.

They are great for different seasons and can be dressed up or dressed down. But what kind of leather jacket should one wear? There are so many different ones from which to choose! Following are some style options for different kinds of leather jackets:

Leather-Jacket-(1)_InsideJacket #1: The Biker Jacket

Black biker jackets, like the ones iconicized by Joey Ramone or Marlon Brando, are HUGE right now! So huge in fact, that New York Times photographer and style maven, Bill Cunningham, had an entire report on how the biker jacket was changing the shape of this year’s Paris Fashion Week. So, if you have one, pull it out! You’re already ahead of the curve. For those readers who are vegan and would prefer not to wear anything made from animals, there are a few designers who are now using vegan leather. Just check out this jacket from Free People.

Leather_-jacket2_InsideJacket #2: Fringe Leather Jacket

Remember Dennis Hopper’s jacket in Easy Rider? These jackets, which tend to come in suede, are fantastic. They’ve got a vintage aesthetic while still being completely contemporary. If you don’t feel like wearing a leather jacket but still want the fringe, you can always find a denim jacket that sports it (those were also once popular).  What better way to make a statement then adding a little flare with some fringe?

Leather-Jacket3_InsideJacket #3: The Leather Trench Coat

Leather trenches can be tricky. The wrong length and size can make you look like you are swimming in a sea of leather. For ladies, try a trench that hits at or a bit above your knee. They can create a beautiful silhouette, great for giving you that hourglass shape.

Guys, think more Javier Bardem from Skyfall and less Morpheus from The Matrix. Leather trenches that reach almost to your ankle don’t necessarily make you look cool (unless you are going for that rugged cowboy look in a floor length leather duster). Similar to the ladies, try a jacket that reaches your knee and is fitted properly. I repeat… FITTED PROPERLY.

Trying to find a good leather jacket can take time, but trust me, it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to drop some extra money on a jacket. It’s one of those things that doesn’t go out of style and will last you a long time. Also, know the difference between the kinds of leather you are getting.

Cowhide is more expensive than pig hide, but is generally better quality. If you’re buying vintage, keep in mind there are leathers made from endangered animals and it may be illegal for you to buy them. If, as I mentioned before, you are completely against wearing leather, there are a number of designers and brands that carry jackets made from vegan leather.

That’s all for now, Borderstanis! Happy (Hopefully) Spring!

All jackets available at Blue’s Hard Goods, 1803 14th Street NW.

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