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Bordestan, Ben's Chili Bow, U Street NW

Ben’s Chili Bowl: Expect Borderstan eateries to be more crowded. (Photo from rebecca in the Flickr pool)

It hasn’t happened yet, but the hours are running out: the federal government may shut down if the Administration and Congress can’t reach a spending-budget deal.

As of Friday afternoon, federal workers are figuring out what to do if the government does close — and how to spend their suddenly free time.

BTW, 14th & You takes a look at the District Government’s plan and why, exactly, we can’t spend our own tax dollars for stuff like, you know, trash collection and libraries. And, Metromix and Florida Girl in DC have great round ups city-wide deals and specials for government employees.

Will it be a day? Or a week? Who knows? So, we polled the Borderstan Team and here are some ideas on what to do with free time you may have next week — all close to home.



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