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Pearl Dive, Jeff Black, 14th Street NW, Logan Circle, Borderstan

Pearl Dive Oyster Bar on 14th Street NW will host a pre-opening diabetes benefit Saturday, September 10.

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It’s Good to Be Hungry and Live in Borderstan

We Love DC lays out September’s greatest hits in food, and a whole mess of them are in the neighborhood. On September 10, ChurchKey is hosting a jazz benefit from 2 to 6 pm featuring North Coast Brewing Company beers and live jazz. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. Then head down the street to Pearl Dive Oyster Bar‘s pre-opening charity cocktail party, which begins at 6 pm and benefits diabetes. Give your gut a break until September 15, when Ping Pong Dim Sum hosts their grand opening with tickets starting at $35.

But Not Great in Disasters

The Washington Post notes in the opinion section that no one has the authority to evacuate the District. Comforting news, I am sure, to those who shook in office buildings on Tuesday and then fought over sandbags on Friday. It seems the answer may be Speaker of the House John Boehner, which should concern residents for a few reasons. Chief among them is the tendency of the controlling party in Congress to use DC as a guinea pig when it suits them and a whipping boy when it doesn’t. Can someone please figure this out and let us know?

Gone but Not Over: Sulaimon Brown

Sulaimon Brown has an unfulfilled subpoena order to produce documents, and on September 15 he will return to court to defend himself. So, as DCist reports, even though the DC Council wrapped up their investigation, it appears we are not rid of this embarrassing ethics flap.

Oh, and the Fully Loaded Saga Continues

It took over $12,000 to break Kwame Brown’s ‘fully loaded’ lease with his Lincoln Navigator. Washington City Paper reports that this brings the total paid for the barely-used vehicle to nearly $15,000. Oh, and that total only covers the second vehicle — not the first Navigator that he rejected. It would be really terrible to have to make budget cuts while paying for a car… oh, wait.

Chuck Brown & the National Symphony

I am pretty bummed I missed this, to be honest. This is a good time to note that SYMHM stands for ‘stuff you might have missed.’ Anyways, Chuck Brown, the godfather of go-go, joined the National Symphony for a Labor Day concert over the weekend. Thanks to the good video work of WUSA 9, you can relive a small part of the magic.

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News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

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Lululemon Murder and Assault Investigation Continues

Investigators were back inside the Bethesda store where two female employees were viciously attacked and beaten, one to death. MyFOX reports that tips are coming in from the community and progress is being made in the investigation. Lululemon has offered a $125,000 reward for information in the case.

Sulaimon Brown, Tried for Attempted Murder?

The news is just not improving for Brown and by association, Mayor Vincent Gray, for whom he had recently worked. WUSA has obtained a report authorized by the Gray transition team detailing the information that Brown had once been tried for attempted murder. The amended due diligence report should have prevented Brown from obtaining a city job, but Gray associates say the firm failed to pick up this information.


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Dupont, Logan, U Street, Borderstan

News from the Dupont-Logan-U Street area (mostly).

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Sulaimon Brown Escorted From Office

Formerly best known as a minor candidate in the mayoral race who asked if Fenty loved his parents, Sulaimon Brown was escorted from his office by police Thursday. As TBD notes, Brown held a cushy $110k a year job in an administrative position. You have to read the whole story — it’s a twisted tale of who knew what when and what motivated his firing — which includes a press conference with Mayor Vincent Gray. Washington City Paper first broke the story of the drama yesterday at City Hall.

D.C. Residents, Congratulations are in Order on Tax Day

Few things make tax day easy for anyone, but for D.C. residents that day is a bit easier. Greater Greater Washington reports that DC residents have among the lowest tax burdens in the region. That distinction seems to be true regardless of whether one rents or owns, or tends only houseplants or has children.



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