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Remembering Summer 2012. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Now that we’re done being laborious and all our beautiful white clothing has been relegated to the back of our closets, summer 2012 is drawing to a close. The majority of DC public pools have shut down, and the National Building Museum’s mini-golf exhibit ended on Labor Day.

Looking back, this summer has been a blur of barbecues and beers, of puppies and prams, of Magic Mike and marriages, and of photobombers and figs. Outdoor cinema and concert series are ending, and students have returned to fill our favorite watering holes to the brim.

Over Labor Day weekend, a group of friends had to break to our cribs to change our clothes once more, ‘cuz we were invited to a barbecue that started at four. With veggie burgers and brats on the grill and a mellow playlist on at full volume, this backyard bash was the perfect outro to the season.

Five Tunes for the End of Summer

As you say goodbye to this summer’s bounty, enjoy these five inspired tunes:

  1. From Minneapolis’ North Community YMCA’s Beats and Rhymes program, these kids rap about the best snacks since Andy Capp’s Hot Fries made their debut.
  2. Taking its cue from the many other “Call Me Maybe” covers of the summer, Cookie Monster reminds us that sharing is indeed caring. Snickerdoodle, anyone?
  3. With elections fast approaching, The Presidents of the United States of America show us how peachy keen life can be. Without having to speak to an empty chair.
  4. In case you missed it, the universe hosted a blue moon on August 31. On the same evening, Local 16 debuted samples of Blue Moon’s Caramel Spiced Ale in support of Shaw Middle School’s Arts Program. A bit of Sinatra for all that.
  5. And, in case the 2012 Olympics failed to spice up your life, the Spice Girls made sure they did.

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