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Hush Supper Club in Borderstan. (Rachel Nania)

Hush Supper Club comes to Borderstan. (Rachel Nania)

Hush Supper Club — served at a secret location within the Borderstan bounds — is hosting a series of supper clubs and cooking classes in March and April.

Hush Supper Club is the brainchild of Indian food chef and storyteller Geeta. She began Hush in her home more than three years ago. Geeta has hosted in excess of 70 suppers with 800 guests, and has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post and on National Public Radio.

Supper Club Dates

  1. Friday, March 22
  2. Friday, April 5
  3. Friday, April 12

Cooking Class Dates

  1. Wednesday, March 20
  2. Wednesday, March 27
  3. Wednesday, April 10
  4. Wednesday, April 17

Geeta is also available for private events, cooking classes and public speaking on various topics about India’s culture, cuisine and religions. To reserve, complete a reservation form online.

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Grubb With Us, Borderstan

Grubb With Us: Your dinner partners are based on the topic of conversation you select when you make your reservation. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Ashley Lusk. Check out Ashley’s blog Metropoetrylis and find her on Twitter at @arlusk. You can email her at [email protected].

If you’ve been wanting to try out a restaurant but can’t afford it or convince your friends that it’s worth the cash, a new dining concept may have you covered — with new dinner companions to boot! The Grub With Us model is a formalized supper club where foodies and others mingle with other locals over dinner. These super clubs currently characterize the food scene in seven U.S. cities.

The steps to join a Grub With Us meal are simple: Visit the website, choose a meal location or a topic you want to discuss with other people over dinner, and then reserve a seat at the table. The first person to join a meal gets the seat for around $25 — and every seat thereafter increases by $1. At the table, you’ll meet five or so other “Grubbers” and spend the next three courses with them.

As DC residents, my guess is that you will start the conversation discussing your commute, your career or your political affiliations. But Sen Sugano, Director of Business Development for Grub with Us, says that the diversity of your dinner companions can lead to a deeper conversation.

According to Grub With Us website, some of the popular interests for dinner conversation include Hacker News, Female Founders, Veggie Grubbers, Startups, Travel, Cooking, Technology, Photography, Music, Running and Entrepreneurship.

The dinners include selected three-course offerings from local restaurants. An example of an upcoming Grub with Us meal set for October 11 is offered by St Arnold’s on Jefferson (south of Dupont Circle). The menu includes crostini, L’Alsacienne mussels, frites and a banana and Nutella waffle. In some instances, chefs, owners and managers may also stop by the table to discuss the specially arranged meal.

The idea for Grub With Us began in Chicago when the founders — eschewing the bar and club scene — had trouble meeting new people.

“It’s a comfortable, non-awkward way to meet awesome people, while discovering new restaurants and food. In every culture, food is what brings people together and this is exactly what Grub With Us does,” said Sugano.

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"Borderstan" "Seasonal Pantry" "9th Street NW"

Seasonal Pantry on 9th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Ashley Lusk Check out Ashley’s blog Metropoetrylis and find her on Twitter at @arlusk. You can email her at [email protected]

A few years ago, supper clubs were for an exclusive few. Often held in secret, these table-laden societies of foodies were served meals from home, sometimes prepared by certain reputable chefs.

Today, these diners gather rather less auspiciously, as flash mobs, or perhaps in a New York subway car. They use technology like Grub with Us to self-select their dinner companions and groups like MeetUp to find table-mates who share the same palate.

At Seasonal Pantry, the dinner can range between $60 to $100 per plate, but more often than not a standard meal is $63 without wine, or $83 with wine pairings throughout the meal.

In DC, Chef Daniel O’Brien wants to make the experience even more democratic — by inviting you directly to his kitchen for dinner. O’Brien is the owner of Seasonal Pantry, the narrow storefront at 1314½ 9th Street NW, as well as the foundling SUNdeVICH, with his partner Ali Bagheri. Seasonal Pantry stocks such items as homemade pasta, cheeses and charcuterie, plus some prepared foods.

This small corner of the world has shelves lined with canned goods made throughout the week by O’Brien himself, a former sous-chef of Bibiana and Equinox. But O’Brien is used to tight spaces — he used to run his supper club out of his own kitchen and the kitchens of others.

On evenings when the foodies convene, the store boasts just enough space for a preparation table for O’Brien, two waiters and the long table that will allow ten guests, often strangers, to share conversation and a meal. It is like Outstanding in the Field meets  HUSH supper club. According to health codes, this location is technically listed as a grocery store, and that will be O’Brien’s battle to fight as the crowds gather and the desire for space at the table grows.

"Borderstan" "Seasonal Pantry" "9th Street NW"

Dan O’Brien at Seasonal Pantry. He and Ali Bagheri own the shop as well as SUNdeVICH. (Luis Gomez Phot

O’Brien, who is overtly passionate about his supper-club idea, chooses the menu based on seasonal themes. For the week of September 15, guests will be served four courses including crab with avocado, garlic; sweetbreads with pepper, pineapple, sweet & sour sauce; lamb shank with couscous, apricot and mint; and a dessert that had not yet been announced. The dinner can range between $60 to $100 per plate, but more often than not a standard meal is $63 without wine, or $83 with wine pairings throughout the meal.

Seatings, which are offered Thursday through Saturday evening, often sell out in advance, so head to the Seasonal Pantry website to reserve your place at the table.


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