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Borderstan, 14th Street NW, Luis Gomez Photos

14th and S Streets NW: Borderstan-area workers head home early following the earthquake that hit the D.C. region at 1:51 pm on Tuesday. The sidewalks and streets were clogged around 3 pm. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Whole Lot-a-Shakin’ Going On

No one missed the earthquake yesterday, I’d imagine. In case, for some reason, you’ve been under a rock, the region experienced a mild earthquake at 1:51 pm. yesterday. It caused quite the stir from a population that has lived through 9/11 and one mess of an Obama Inauguration festivities — but then again, we’re more accustomed to political upheavals than seismic ones. Check out The Post‘s coverage of the quake’s impact on the workday and also what is being done in the ‘aftermath.’

More Frozen Stuff, More Stuff from NYC

Sigh. Do we really need another New York food transplant? In this case, Tasti-D-Lite is showing up in D.C. soon. Washington City Paper reports the chain will open first in Dupont Circle, with a location to follow in Columbia Heights. At least it’s low cal, I guess.

Drink Locally, Too

WTOP has an interesting story on the development of the ‘drink local’ movement beginning in D.C. as new breweries are emerging in the district. For those who still think of the Big Hunt as a dive bar with a great secret roof deck, well, you’re still right. But it’s also the home of Dave Coleman, bar manager and owner of 3 Stars, one of the local breweries. If you eat at the Farmer’s Market and try to eat locally, go find yourself a DC Brau or 3 Stars beer already!

Ticketgate Drags On

Councilmember Jack Evans continues to address charges that he misused a ‘constituent fund’ for sports tickets, rather than constituent services. The discussion has quickly gotten a bit heated, as some see tickets given to constituents as counter to the fund’s intent and some object to the existence of the fund in the first place. For a more measured article on the mess, check out this one in Georgetown Patch. (Note: Borderstan was given two tickets by Evans’ office to the Washington Nationals Fan Fest after providing assistance for the City Council At Large candidate debate on March 29. The tickets were not used.)

Speaking of Georgetown…

The influx of new students to D.C. universities always provides some interesting fodder. This Georgetown list of neighborhoods and what to do in the new town. Vox Populi, the student blog, instructs students to ignore the bad stories they were told about D.C. having no good live music venues. Funny, I thought 9:30 Club was rated in the Top 5 venues in the U.S. recently. I guess I’m too far outside the ‘bubble.’ Sidenote: Am I the only one surprised to see Georgetown kids heading to Black Cat?


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