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DC Taxicab Commission, DC taxis, Luis Gomez Photos

Should all DC taxis be the same color? Do we have bigger things to worry about? (One Photograph A Day)

Swift-ian Proposal for Color Coding DC

The DC City Council is considering a proposal that would end the multi-colored cabs in favor of a single color scheme. Why the change? Apparently, our out of town visitors get confused and the ‘taxi’ signs emblazoned on all the cabs is not quite enough for them.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Mike Causey thinks so, too and took to WTOP to discuss what else made sense using that logic. Color-coding neighborhoods, badges for MD-VA-DC drivers and jail jumpsuits for City Councilmembers as practice are just a few ‘ideas’ on his list. See more on the proposal in Alden Leonard’s SYMHM from Monday.

Pickles on U Street

U Street Girl has a fabulous post on a local business making pickles. Gordy’s Pickle Jar started in October and has already won second prize at the International Pickle Festival (which does exist). You can grab their pickles at Cork Market or Smucker’s Farm, or eat their fried pickle chips at the Science Club. They make the pickles in our neighborhood and sell them locally, and both live in the U Street area. Local pickled goodness? I’m dying to try them or the cocktails made with their brine at Peregrine!

Battle over Pronouncing McPherson, McLean, Etc.

Leave it to the nerds (and I mean that lovingly) over at WAMU to consult a Civil War historian to settle a question on a simple square in DC. That’s right, in their reporting on the Occupy protests at McPherson Square, the entire news room had a debate about whether it’s pronounced Mac-FEAR-son or MAC-fur-son. DCist doesn’t care for their decision — the fur version was deemed to be most correct. How do you pronounce it or do you just avoid the park and saying the name given the Occupiers?

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"Borderstan""Skatepark""11th Street NW"

Saturday, January 28: Beautiful weather resulted in a dude-jam at the Shaw Skatepark on 11th Street NW. (Matty Rhoades)

From Alden Leonard. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him @aldenleonard on Twitter.

Meat Week Arrives in District

The Washington Post reports that yesterday was the beginning of DC’s Meat Week, a seven-day smoked meat festival taking place at area barbeque joints, including tonight at Chinatown’s Hill Country. The festival happens in more than 20 cities worldwide and events see anywhere from 50 to 100 participants, a testament to the communal nature of the cuisine: as the Post reminds us, you don’t make barbeque for one, you make it for 20. Even so, the popular portmanteau “carnivorgy” is probably doing the festival more harm than good. Get the complete schedule of DC Meat Week.

Gray Proposes Uniform Taxi Colors

Mayor Vincent Gray proposed Friday for DC taxicabs to adopt a uniform color scheme. According to the Washington Examiner, Gray intends for the city’s taxis to match its Circulator and Metro buses.

The proposal is part of a larger push for taxi reform currently pending before the City Council. In a recent survey, DC residents chose yellow as their cab color of choice, but ultimately the scheme will be decided by the Taxi Cab Commission. District pols including Gray, Kwame Brown and Mary Cheh openly favor a scheme of red and white, the colors of the DC flag.

DC Homeless Count Underway

District housing advocates are conducting a count of the city’s homeless residents this week, reports WAMU. Volunteers will scour the city’s back alleys and park benches in an effort to quantify and learn more about the city’s homeless population.

Advocates commend DC for its recent strides in the fight against homelessness, but remind us that the economic environment could undo much of that progress. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development uses data collected from the count to appropriate funds for DC homeless programs. Last year’s total was 6,546 homeless people living in the District; new numbers will be available this spring.

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JBG and Georgetown Strategic Capital, 14th and U NW, development project

Demolition finally began Tuesday in preparation for the residential-retail development project at the southwest corner of 14th and U Streets NW. Originally known as the Utopia Project, it will have 267 apartments and 30,000 square-feet of retail. The historic facades on both 14th and U Streets, including the former site of El Paraiso restaurant (shown above) will be preserved. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Heritage India Somehow Keeps Liquor License

In keeping with the theme of how you assess ‘justice,’ Heritage India got to keep its liquor license, despite an extremely violent and ill-managed event that left one dead and several injured. WJLAreports that the license comes with several restrictions, however. They must give up their entertainment license, which means closing at midnight. The restaurant also must honor its name and serve food with alcohol. It will re-open on December 21. See Heritage India Melee: 1 Dead, 5 Injured Early Sunday Morning.

Driver in Fatal Hit and Run Sentenced

The driver responsible for a fatal hit and run on October 7, 2010, while under the influence, has been sentenced to three years, reports the The Washington Post. The jury didn’t come to a unanimous verdict on the voluntary manslaughter charge, which carried a longer sentence. That may still happen, as the judge opened the door to have the driver retried on that charge. According to The Post, Davidson was found guilty of negligent homicide, driving while under the influence and leaving the scene after a collision in connection with the death of Kiela M. Ryan, 24, of Howard County.”

Jewish-Style Deli Coming to Dupont Circle

For those of you trekking to Loeb’s or Star and Shamrock, here’s some good news: serious chef Barry Koslow has applied for a liquor license in Dupont Circle. Plans are for a Jewish-style deli, according to Washingtonian. Does anyone have any other news on menu ideas, location or date? I am now starving for corned beef on rye and would like the deets, ASAP. Koslow was formerly at Mendocino Grille and Tallula.

Saturday: DC Dreidel Championships at Historic Synagogue

The DC Dreidel Championship will be held at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue this Saturday, December 17, at 8 pm. Admission is free if you RSVP, which gets you a chance to compete, hear live music and two of the most glorious words I’ve seen in an event invite: latke bar.

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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street.

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Kwame Brown Gets Fully Blasted

Chuck Thies minces no words when it comes to his feelings regarding the work performance of DC Council Chair Kwame Brown in this article, found in Georgetown Dish. The short story is this: Brown tweeted a picture about real change occurring when politicians were making minimum wage; Thies takes issue with this tweet and Brown’s $190,000 a year salary. But the short story barely covers the list Thies assembled of items that have yet to be answered or delivered by Brown on his more-than-minimum-wage salary.

Riding and Running

As someone who was once a college student, I’m familiar with the ‘dine and dash.’ As someone who worked tables while in college, I curse this ‘prank.’ Turns out I’m not the only one — taxi drivers lambasted the number of passengers that get a ride, then ditch the fare. In DCist’s coverage of the hearing at the DC Taxicab Commission, a number of drivers said the problem was widespread and had gotten worse since meters were installed. We all know that the zone system allowed some abuses in the amount charged, but if this is widespread, then yes, the city should be acting. That’s apparently the plan, as the Commissioner has asked for cabbies to submit testimony documenting the occasions.

Contemporary Wing Announces 14th Street Addy

The gallery Contemporary Wing has secured a sought-after 14th Street NW location, at 1412 14th Street. The location was announced ahead of the planned November 1 announcement on their website (we got an email note). The space is leased from Lori Graham Design and Contemporary Wing will have the front exhibition area. They plan to open in mid-November and we’ll let you know when you can go check it out.

Reeves Center: Unfitting Memorial to Civil Rights Great?

It is hard to imagine that a man who fought for school desegregation, worked with JFK on minority affairs and broke color barriers in DC politics would be pleased with his namesake building, the Frank D. Reeves Center on U Street NW. While it’s a fine building from an aesthetic perspective, the pictures say a million words in this Washington City Paper exploration of the building. The accompanying text is plenty powerful, though, and documents a building that is in need of repair and some oversight. Councilman Jim Graham can’t be pleased at the investigation Loose Lips took into an area called his constituent service area, which is being used by the All Faith Consortium instead of Graham.

Lincoln Theatre Counterpoint

Eli Lehrer has graced this page before due to his Huffington Post blog on why DC isn’t a great food city (and several readers agreed). Now he’s back, to take on an equally contentious topic involving whether the city should let the Lincoln Theatre wither. His take? The Lincoln is a “white elephant” that may “hurt the ability of the area to emerge as a stronger arts destination.” The stance may be unpopular, but it is guided by a sentiment shared by many owners and patrons of the arts. Government restrictions on noise combined with rent make U Street a tough place to preserve and grow a robust jazz scene. I still am not sure I agree with the idea that Crystal City has more jazz on Saturday than U Street, though. Someone, do the math!

Puppy Halloween Pictures

Sorry for a bummer of a Stuff for the second Friday in a row. After you’ve read Laura’s column and decided where to get real boozy with it this weekend, shake off that Friday malaise/hangover with some really cute dogs in some cute and some questionable Halloween costumes from the Washingtonian. If you can do better, send me your pics and we’ll figure out some puppy power prizes.

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17th Street NW, Cobalt, Washington Blade

17th and R Streets NW: The Washington Blade held a party at Cobalt Thursday night to celebrate its new online photo archive and store. When completed it will have photos from four decades of coverage of the LGBT movement. (Matty Rhoades)

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Washington Blade Launches Online Photo Archive

The Washington Blade held a party at Cobalt Thursday night to celebrate its new online photo archive and store. The project is still underway with the first phase done. When completed the Blade’s archives will have photos from four decades of coverage of the LGBT movement. You can already view and purchase some photos. Founded in 1969, the Blade’s offices are in the neighborhood on the 1700 block of 14th Street NW.

Grillfish Turns 15!

There’s a Facebook picture going around — it’s a pencil and a cassette tape picture with the text, “Your children will not know why these go together.” It’s enough to make you feel old. Grillfish turning 15 should have a similar effect, but with a tastier payoff. On Monday, October 10, Grillfish will be celebrating their birthday with retro-pricing on most entrees. Hopefully it doesn’t come with a side of the Macarena, but at those prices, a line dance may end up being worth it.

U Street Metro This Weekend

So, it seems that weekend track work may cause some problems for those headed to the bar or shows on U Street. Luckily for you, the The Washington Post has three ways for you to get around the mess that is closing U Street, Shaw and Columbia Heights metro stations for the weekend. Our opinion? Walk from Dupont Circle if the weather is nice, if its not you should take a bus.

What’s Next For DC Cabs?

A new chair of the DC Taxicab Commission recently discussed surcharges at his confirmation hearing. Since a fare hike seems to be on the table, even if it comes with an upgrade in service, area residents have some concerns. Check out the story at The Washington Post; for the resident/rider perspective, check out Jack Jacobson’s group and their Facebook page. For those of you that don’t know, Jack is a local ANC member and a regular taxi cab patron.

Inside Look at Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival

The Washington City Paper regularly gets to the heart of DC things you hear about, think it’s interesting and yet know nothing about its origin or history. One of those things is the Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival, and  City Paper does one hell of a job getting into the head of its creator, Dave Mann. He’s putting on a show (or 125+ shows) again this weekend, and if you don’t want to go after reading Jonathan’s article, well, I give up.

You Didn’t Miss It, It is Real: Steve Jobs Did Die

The visionary that created the iPhone, iTunes, the personal computer and spawned an empire of Apple devotees passed away on Wednesday of cancer. Cancer sucks, but you know what doesn’t suck, not even a little bit? His commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. Too often, sincerity is mistook for glibness or gladhandling, and this speech is a bit of uncommon wisdom from an uncommon man. It is also clearly a man trying to explain his life and make sense of it all to lay down a legacy, but it is his enthusiasm and frankness that stand out, particularly from a private man running a very public company.


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