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dcist has a slide show of some the visiting Teabaggers (yes, I still laugh about the use of the term), birthers and such on the National Mall on Saturday. We saw a handful of the visitors (we identified them by their hats and shirts) walking on the 1400-block of P Street NW last night in front of Halo and Stoney’s. My guess is that they were mystified by the site of… oh, a bunch of things… most likely by the fact that all kinds of people manage to get along with one another.

Over at the blog, Who Murdered Robert Wone?… is there a potentially huge new development in the case?

The report of the special committee of ANC 2F-Logan Circle on the Arts Overlay zone for the 14th and U Streets corridors is covered and analyzed… Mr. 14th & You has covered the process all along (with several very good postings) and was a member of the committee. In addition, Greater Greater Washington has also covered the process and weighs in with an analysis of the committee report.

I picked this up up from Loose Lips at the Washington City Paper: “Capitol Hill family wants to raise chickens in their backyard. City says no way. But WTTG-TV reports that the family is ‘working with the office of DC Councilmember Tommy Wells to try to get the law changed.’ ” I will admit that if the economy gets any worse, I may consider some chickens for our back garden.

And a nod to Real World DC: “September 8: Cast member Ashley now bartends at McFaddens near GW…. BREAKING: September 8: Cast member Erika reportedly quits and leaves.”


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