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"Borderstan""Charlie Visconage"

Charlie Visconage is back every second Friday of the month. Next show is Friday, June 8. (Luis Gomez Photos)

In February Borderstan’s Kate Hays interviewed Charlie Visconage who brought the late night talk-show, the Charlie Visconage Show, to DC. Now Visconage is back after the show had a successful run of 10 weeks at the DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan. The show will be filmed live every second Friday of the month.

As of last Friday night, the show is back to a monthly schedule — the first Friday of the month at 10 pm. The May 4 was sold out  — so plan ahead for the next show on June 8. The show will have the same late night-talk show format focused on connecting DC-area artists  and people-of-interest.

Who’s on the Show?

The first show of the new season features on May 4 featured Philippa Hughes, Chief Creative Contrarian, The Pink Line Project; Jennifer Tress, Writer, Blogger, Storyteller, Performer/Artist; Kristina Bilonick, Head Coach of DC CHEER! and a performance by their team; and Musical Guest Indie Pop/Rock band North of Canada.

June 8 Guests

The next show is Friday, June 8, with the following guests at the DC Arts Center, 2438 18th Street NW:
  • Shawn Westfall: Head DC Improv Teacher, Actor, Standup (
  • Buck Downs: Poet, Publisher, and Editor (
  • The Cornel West Theory: Eclectic mix of go-go, jazz, rock and hip-hop (

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"Borderstan" "Charlie Visconage"

The Charlie Visconage Show runs weekly through March 22 at the DC Arts Center, 2438 18th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Kate Hays. Follow her on Twitter @kateyhays and email her at kate[AT]

DC’s newest talk show host has variety in his blood. Charlie Visconage was introduced to improv comedy by a high school teacher, has dabbled in competitive ballroom dancing, is an amateur photographer and has an affection for comic books (Batman and Watchman, mostly).

Last October, he found himself unhappy at work (sales – hated it) and quit to clear his mind and get creative. He listened to some Chris Gethard and read The War For Late Night. Soon, an idea began to brew. After a push from mentor Topher Bellavia and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, The Charlie Visconage Show was born – for a 10-week first run.

Every week, between now and March 22, 2012, the show will highlight area artists, musicians and all-around interesting people. Upcoming guests include Amy Saidman and James Alefantis (of Comet Ping Pong fame).  On March 15, the show will host an evening dedicated to sex and romance, with a burlesque dancer and a real-life “Hitch.”

When he’s not hamming it up, Charlie does have a day job, is big into old cars and patronizes local Borderstan haunts like The Standard, Church Key and Peregrine. No matter where he is, Charlie is always plotting his next move.

“The worst thing is a person who talks about things… and never does them.”

Something tells me Charlie is in the clear.

Go check out DC’s latest Conan and learn more about our local noteworthy talent on display each week.

The Charlie Visconage Show runs January 19, 2012 through March 22, 2012; shows are Thursday night at 10pm at the DC Arts Center.

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