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“Rama” and “Sita” in the Constellation Theatre Company’s “The Ramayana” at the Source theater. (Constellation Theatre Company)

From Cecile Oreste

The Ramayana, playing at the Source theatre on 14th Street NW, has catalyzed a conversation about race and religion among those who have seen it. Instead of shying away from criticism about the production of the great Sanskrit epic, Allison Stockman, director of Constellation Theatre Company, has opened the forum for discussion through its blog, as well as post-show conversations with the actors.

Responses on the Constellation Theatre blog come from all areas of the spectrum with some audience viewers of Indian descent expressing outrage and others appreciating the company’s interpretation of the classic. One comment shows a mixed reaction as the commenter notes the cast’s lack of diversity, but applauds the overall production:

With all of the nuances of skin color and racism, it really stood out to me that the most non-Indian looking person was playing the goddess Sita. That said, I really enjoyed the play.



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