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Dupont dump trucks

A fleet of dump trucks enlisted to haul away snow astounded and annoyed some people driving near Dupont Circle earlier today.

The haulers, hired by the District to transport slush and snow out of city streets, caused some traffic backups as they lined up on 18th and 19th streets NW, Connecticut Avenue NW and the road surrounding Dupont Circle.

Naturally, some locals took to Twitter to talk about the traffic. Here’s a snippet of what they said throughout the day: (more…)

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(Updated at 5:12 p.m.) D.C. Police have brought charges against a woman who barricaded herself in an office building, prompting an hours-long standoff that snarled traffic downtown and in Dupont earlier this morning.

Police said they were alerted to a woman who was threatening harm to herself and others near an office building on the 1900 block of K Street NW at approximately 12:19 a.m. this morning. When officers arrived, the woman fired a gunshot, and a “barricade situation was declared.”

The standoff that followed lasted for more than 10 hours and resulted in several road closures throughout the area.

Authorities took 31-year-old Sophia Dalke of Springfield, Va., into custody after she peacefully surrendered around 10:30 a.m. today. They later charged Dalke with assault on a police officer while armed.

Police tweeted earlier this morning that the incident was not an “active shooter situation,” and that the woman in crisis was “contained.” An officer at the scene said he believed no pedestrians were in danger and that the street closures were precautionary in nature.

With few alternatives, many cars drove nearly bumper-to-bumper along Connecticut Avenue NW. Some drivers told The Washington Post they’d hardly moved after two hours of traffic.

Some commuters were even locked out of their office buildings this morning, and many were observed congregating near the intersection of 19th and L streets NW.

As one person in the crowd put it earlier this morning “this city looks like a parking lot right now.”

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From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT]


The 2012 Jingle All the Way Race. (Courtesy of Pacers)

Borderstan, it’s time to lace up your racing shoes (and pull-out your best santa costume, if you feel so inclined).

The 9th Annual Pacers Jingle All the Way 8K and Kid’s Dash is Sunday, December 9, and this year’s race benefits Habitat for Humanity for DC and its efforts to build affordable housing in the District.

The race begins at 9 am at Freedom Plaza/Pennsylvania Avenue. Registration is $35 and is available online.

On race day (12/9), the following streets will be closed from 4:00 am to 12:00 pm:

* East on Pennsylvania Avenue NW to Constitution Avenue NW
* East on Constitution Avenue NW to Louisiana Avenue NW
* Northeast on Louisiana Avenue NW to D Street NW
* East on D Street NW to Delaware Avenue NE
* North on First Street NE to Columbus Circle NE
* U-Turn at Columbus Circle NE
* South on First Street NE to parking lot
* U-Turn at the parking lot
* North on First Street NE to D Street NE
* West on D Street to 3rd Street NW
* South on 3rd Street NW to Independence Avenue SW
* East on Independence Avenue SW to Washington Avenue SW
* Southeast on Washington Avenue SW to 2nd Street SW
* South on 2nd Street SW to E Street SW
* West on E Street SW to 3rd Street SW
* North on 3rd Street SW to Independence Avenue SW
* West on Independence Avenue SW to 7th Street SW
* U-Turn prior to 7th Street SW
* East on Independence Avenue SW to 3rd Street SW
* North on 3rd Street NW to Pennsylvania Avenue NW
* West on Pennsylvania Avenue NW to 12th Street NW where they will disband

Due to the heavy pedestrian crowds associated with these events, motorists are encouraged to exercise caution when traveling in these areas. In addition, those wishing to attend these events are encouraged to use public transportation.

For more information, visit the Pacers website.

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Borderstanians: I learned today that the city has decided on a traffic reconfiguration plan for 15th Street NW. It will have two-way bicycle lanes, but keep three northbound lanes of traffic (see “Reconfiguration of 15th St. NW: What We’re Getting.”)

On Jan. 31, I posted a poll here at, asking readers, “Should 15th St. NW be a 2-way traffic street?” Below are the results (as of Feb. 19) of this extremely unscientific and unreliable public opinion poll. Remember that anyone can/did offer their opinion, regardless of where they live.

“Should 15th St. NW be a 2-way traffic street?”

  • 52% (49 votes): “No, keep it 1-way north of Mass. Ave.”
  • 39% (37 votes): “Yes, 2-way vehicle traffic north of Mass. Ave.”
  • 5% (5 votes): “Don’t care if it’s 1-way or 2-way traffic.”
  • 4% (4 votes): “Not sure.”

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The southwest corner of 15th and R NW. (Photo by WasWoWashington on Panoramio.)

The southwest corner of 15th and R NW. (Photo by WasWoWashington on Panoramio.)

Borderstanians: I received an email today from Christopher Ziemann at the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) about the plans to reconfigure traffic on 15th Street NW (Borderstan’s Main Street).

DDOT has decided to implement Alternative 5, which was not part of the original four alternatives that were proposed for 15th Street. You can view Alternative 5 at DDOT’s Web site; go to page 2 of the PDF.

Here is what will happen to 15th Street under Alternative 5:


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For Borderstanians, 15th Street NW is essentially our Main Street. It cuts through the middle of Borderstan–dividing the area between two neighborhoods (Dupont and Logan), two police districts and two PSAs (208 and 307) and two Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (2B and 2F).


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It looks like R Street through Borderstan will be open only to bus traffic on Inauguration Day.

It looks like R Street through Borderstan will be open only to bus traffic on Inauguration Day.

It looks as if the section of R Street NW through Borderstan will be open only to bus traffic on Inauguration Day. I have seen two signs on R Street (the one at 14th & R was on the ground this afternoon)… one at 14th and the other one at 17th. I haven’t seen an official notice anywhere–this is all I know. Anyone know anything?

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As we wait for the D.C. Department of Transportation’s recommendation on what to do with 15th Street NW, here is an idea: a traffic circle at 15th / W/ New Hampshire / Florida. Saw this critique of the idea at Greater Greater Washington… original post at Monumentality:

Monumentality suggests a circle (technically a modern roundabout) for the intersection of 15th, New Hampshire, and Florida Avenues NW, at the bottom of Meridian Hill Park. The far-too-wide 15th meets these avenues in a giant intersection with too many lanes, long crossing distances for pedestrians, and hazardous bicycling. How about a circle?

Read the whole thing.

You can see the alternatives being considered for 15th Street NW here at DDOT’s Web site.

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Front page (PDF) of the August 13 Dupont Current… read about a proposal to remove the reversable traffic lane on upper 16th Street from Irving Street to Arkansas Avenue and install a median:

“At a Monday meeting to discuss the impact of the D.C. Department of Transportation’s pedestrian master plan on Ward 4, proposals to change the face of 16th Street provoked some residents’ concern. The plan, which was developed over 18 months, aims to make D.C. “a city where any trip can be taken on foot safely and comfortably and where roadways equally serve pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists,”

Read entire article in Dupont Current (PDF). Note: Article continues in second PDF.


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