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Duffy's Hot Sauce (Photo courtesy of Casey Callister)Fans of the hot sauce at Duffy’s Irish Pub near the U Street corridor now can get some to take home.

The bar at 2106 Vermont Ave. NW has started selling the spicy concoction it uses for its hot chicken wings and buffalo margaritas, owner Casey Callister told Borderstan today. A 16-ounce bottle of Duffy’s Hot Sauce costs $12.

The spicy flavor enhancer is “knock your socks off delicious,” Callister said.

“I am positive those that purchase the sauce will be repeat customers and they will find that it is great with eggs, toast and even pizza,” he said in an email.

Callister worked during the summer with Cornell University and Morrisville State College to develop a large batch of the condiment from a recipe that former owner Andy Duffy created for the bar. The pub now has about 200 hot sauce bottles available for purchase.

Although spicy food dressing only is for sale at the bar, it could find its way to the Internet and store shelves, with the help of Duffy.

“We plan to have a beer and discuss how to distribute Duffy’s Hot Sauce beyond the pub in the future,” Callister said.

Photo courtesy of Casey Callister

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700 block of Kenyon Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)A woman bit a thief who stole her iPhone in Park View over the weekend, according to authorities.

The robbery happened on the 700 block of Kenyon Street NW about 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

The woman was walking about a block north of the Bruce Monroe Community Park when a man came up to her, police said.

“Do you know where ‘easterns’ is?” the man asked, according to authorities. It wasn’t exactly clear what he wanted, however.


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A group of masked men with a gun wanted in a robbery at a U Street corridor liquor store this week have appeared on film, according to authorities.

The armed robbery occurred in Benmoll at 1700 U St. NW about 11:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Video police released yesterday shows three men wearing masks, blue gloves and dark clothing with hoods hopping out of a white minivan in front of the shop. The trio then went into the store, and one of them pulled out a gun.


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800 block of 1st Street NE (Photo via Google Maps)Two would-be thieves pummeled a man and tried to rob him after he refused to take a “survey” from them Friday, police said.

The attempted robbery occurred on the 800 block of 1st Street NE about 6:45 p.m.

The victim was walking about a block north of Union Station when two people came up to him, according to authorities. They then asked him if he would complete a survey.

The man declined and started to walk away. But the two people punched him in the head.


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Crime tape (Photo via Flickr/nullvalue)(Updated at 12:20 p.m. Sunday) A girl was shot in the U Street corridor area Saturday evening, police said.

The shooting happened near 13th and W streets NW about 6:30 p.m.

The victim was walking from a Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus football game to her car on 13th Street when she heard a few “popping sounds,” according to authorities. Once in her vehicle, the girl realized she was shot in her right arm.

The victim was brought to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police described the suspect as a young black man who is 17 to 20 years old. He was wearing a gray jacket and black pants at the time of the shooting.

Photo via Flickr/nullvalue

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1700 block of N Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)Three thieves with guns jumped out of a sport utility vehicle in Dupont Circle and used their weapons to hit a man before they robbed him and three other men with him over the weekend, police said.

The armed robbery happened on the 1700 block of N Street NW about 4 a.m. Sunday.

The victims were just north of the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle when a newer model Ford Explorer or Jeep with tinted windows pulled up to them, according to authorities. Three men then got out of the vehicle, and all of them flashed handguns as they ordered the victims to get on the ground and give up their belongings.


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1300 block of 19th Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)Gunfire rang out in Dupont Circle after two attackers punched a man and hit him with a bottle of alcohol over the weekend, police said.

The assault happened on the 1300 block of 19th Street NW about 4:15 a.m. Sunday.

The victim was leaving a bar in the area with his friends when two people with bottles of alcohol in their hands hopped out of a black Dodge Charger just south of the Dupont Circle NW traffic circle, according to authorities.

The duo then punched the man and whacked him in the head with a bottle, knocking him down. The victim soon after heard gunshots as he laid on the ground and his assailants fled. One of the bullets hit a nearby car.


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1600 block of Swann Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)A thief knocked down a man and robbed him about two blocks south of U Street NW in Dupont Circle last night, police said.

The robbery happened on the 1600 block of Swann Street NW about 10 p.m. Thursday.

The victim was walking in the area when a man came up to him after possibly following him from the 1800 block of 17th Street NW, according to authorities. The man then pushed the victim into some bushes, causing him to fall.

The attacker soon after grabbed about $120 from the victim’s wallet and fled.

Police described the suspect as a:

B/M [black male] about 50-55 years of age, dark complected, clean shavened with black short hair. S-1 [suspect one] was wearing a pink polo short sleeve shirt and dark colored shorts.

Photo via Google Maps

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A1300 block of 19th Street NW (Photo via Google Maps) thief put a man in a choke hold while his accomplice repeatedly punched the victim during a robbery in Dupont Circle last night, police said.

The robbers struck on the 1300 block of 19th Street NW about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The victim was walking about a block south of the Dupont Circle NW traffic circle when two men approached him, according to authorities.


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(Updated at 11:15 a.m.) Hundreds of “Gilmore Girls” fans visited a coffeehouse near the U Street corridor for a free cup of Joe and the opportunity to step into Rory and Lorelai Gilmore’s world this morning.

Although the girls weren’t at Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar (1926 17th St. NW) today, the eatery’s workers donned aprons and flannel shirts, just like the owner of the show’s characters’ favorite hangout, Luke’s Diner. Three Fifty also put up Luke’s Diner signage and a “no cell phones” notice, among other paraphernalia from the fictional restaurant, as part of a Netflix promotion.

By 8:30 a.m., Three Fifty had given away almost 250 free cups of coffee, which was “way more” than owner Jimmy Hopper said he expected.

“We weren’t prepared for this,” he said.

The shop’s visitors, who were mostly women, posed for selfies in front of the signs after some of them waited more than a hour in a line that stretched down U Street NW to grab gratis java in a Luke’s Diner cup.

Navy Yard resident Kristin Grant, who got in line about 6:50 a.m., said she watched the “Gilmore Girls” show live in the 2000s and re-watched it “11 times.”

“It’s really cute,” she said of the pop-up Luke’s Diner at Three Fifty.

Sam Brainard, who arrived outside the shop about 7 a.m., said she took an Uber from Arlington to get to Three Fifty.

“I could have been to work on time,” she said.

In addition to Three Fifty, Flying Fish Coffee & Tea in Mount Pleasant, Qualia Coffee in Petworth and other eateries across the country transformed themselves into Luke’s Diner for the morning for the Netflix campaign, which celebrates the show’s Oct. 5, 2000, premiere.

On Nov. 25, Netflix will release a new installment to the series, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

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"F--k Tump" punch (Photo via Facebook/The Green Zone)

(Updated at 11 a.m.) Hillary Clinton supporters can toast the Democratic presidential nominee with a “F–ck Trump” punch near the U Street corridor this weekend.

The Green Zone pop-up bar is set to bring its newly minted Donald Trump cocktail to Darnell’s at Manchester (944 Florida Ave. NW) Saturday night.

The drink, formerly known as the “F–k ISIS” punch, has “stamina,” which includes mezcal, lemon juice and house-made “Arabian” bitters, according to a Green Zone Facebook post.

“What says F–k Trump like an Arab-Mexican fusion?” the post says.

Run by Chris Hassaan Francke, who is part Iraqi, The Green Zone has sold its cocktails with an Arabic twist at various D.C. bars over the past couple years. In addition to the punch, The Green Zone’s drinks include the “Deer in Cihangir” (with rye whiskey, raki and Turkish spices) and the “Under the Pomegranate Tree” (with pomegranate and arak).

“I grew up eating Arabic food, so I thought there must be a way to combine these flavors that I grew up with into cocktails,” Francke told the Washington City Paper in 2015.

After this Saturday, The Green Zone is scheduled to continue its pop-up events at Darnell’s at Manchester every Saturday until Dec. 17, except Oct. 22, according to Francke. He is slated to start slinging cocktails at 5 p.m.

Photo via Facebook/The Green Zone

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B-Holes pop-up shop (Photo courtesy of B-Holes)

Locals on their way to work this week can grab some mini bagel balls from B-Holes on the U Street corridor.

The B-Holes bakery, which makes the bagel equivalent of a doughnut hole, is scheduled to pop up at Sudhouse (1340 U St. NW) Wednesday and Thursday, the business tweeted. The temporary shop will operate from 7 to 10:30 a.m.

B-Holes doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar location. But it often sets up at Prego Again (1617 17th St. NW), Prequel (918 F St. NW) and the Petworth Market.

Started earlier this year, B-Holes has three items on its menu: “The Original,” “Mrs. Lavender” and “Barlic Gacon.”

The Original is filled with chives, onion, garlic, cream cheese and sprinkled with “everything” seeds. Mrs. Lavender is stuffed with honey butter and lavender, covered with a lemon sauce. Barlic Gacon has cream cheese, roasted garlic and bacon, with minced garlic on top.

Each bagel hole costs $2.

Photo courtesy of B-Holes

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900 block of T Street NW (Photo via Google Maps)A man’s friends had some advice for him when he threatened to shoot someone who police said he hoped to rob near the U Street corridor over the weekend: Don’t do it.

The attempted robbery occurred on the 900 block of T Street NW about 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

The victim was about a block south of the east entrance to the U Street Metro station when the man appeared, police said.

“Give me everything in your pockets or I will shoot you,” the man said, according to authorities. “I have a gun.”


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Dickson Wine Bar (903 U St. NW)

A U Street corridor wine bar that “closed for repairs” this summer won’t reopen, a co-owner told Borderstan today.

Dickson Wine Bar at 903 U St. NW has shut down for good following “much deliberation” between its owners, co-owner Steve Kaufman said in an email. The bar served its last customer July 30.

“Dickson’s owners no longer wish to own/operate a wine bar and the business is for sale,” Kaufman said. “As of yet, we have not found a replacement.”

The bar, which opened in 2010, was set to resume operations “shortly after Labor Day,” Kaufman said in early August. The plan was to “take August off and freshen the place up,” he said at the time.

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"Weird Al" Yankovic (Photo via Wikimedia/Kyle Cassidy)

“UHF” is scheduled to get a special screening on the U Street corridor this fall with its star, “Weird Al” Yankovic, on hand to give his take on the cult classic comedy movie.

Yankovic, also known for “My Bologna,” “Amish Paradise” and other music parodies, is set to provide live commentary while the film plays at The Lincoln Theatre (1215 U St. NW) on Sunday, Oct. 30. The show, which begins at 8 p.m., also is slated to include insights from New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell, comedian Dave Hill and other yet-to-be-announced guests.

“If you haven’t watched UHF a million times like we have, we recommend checking it out before you come, cause we’re gonna talk over it the entire time,” a website for the event says.

The flick, which came out in 1989, is centered around a man (played by Yankovic) who changes a television station’s programming to boost its ratings. As IMDb puts it: “A local public station gets a new owner. The station becomes a hit, with all sorts of hilarious sight gags and wacky humor.”

Tickets for the event are $35.

The showing is part of the eighth annual Bentzen Ball comedy festival, which includes performances by Tig Notaro, Jon Dore and Bridget Everett around the District.

Photo via Wikimedia/Kyle Cassidy, video via YouTube/Movie Trailer Graveyard


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