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14th Street NW, Logan Circle, Furioso Development, Luis Gomez Photos

Furioso Development has their sign up at 1525 14th Street NW for the six-story office building slated for the spot. With two levels of underground parking, the building will be nestled between Posto restaurant on the south and Great Wall Szechuan House restaurant on the north. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Honest-ly, D.C.

In a town that is often under a political microscope in terms of honesty, rank and file, Washingtonians are now also being measured on the standard of conduct. Honest Tea, the maker of the popular line of iced teas, has set up an unattended pop-up shop in Dupont Circle as part of their nationwide experiment to find the most honest city. Payment of $1 for each bottle of iced tea is collected on the honor system. As of this writing, D.C. was doing pretty well with a 92% honesty rating.


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The proposed building that would replace the current one-floor structures at the southeast corner of 14th and Wallach NW caught the attention of some neighbors. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Matty Rhoades

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The battle lines over local development and new businesses close to residential areas often elicit a vehement yes or no. What you don’t always get is a yes, but or no, and here’s why.

When we found out that Doug Johnson was part of a new local blog, U Street Dirt, we wanted to find out more about the site and the reasons behind it. Was this a “no more development around 14th and U” gauntlet being thrown down, or something else? Johnson says he wants good development (a subjective term to be sure) and that he is not against density. Decide for yourself; we used a Q&A format.

Johnson and his partner, Craig Brownstein, are among the founders-editors of the site, Who Murdered Robert Wone? and and are also the creators of Puck Buddys. They live on Wallach Place NW, a block of row houses and back gardens that runs from 13th to 14th — just one street south of bustling U Street NW and right off the 14th Street corridor.

Johnson on a vision for the neighborhood: “NOT Ballston [an area of Arlington]. It seems that some people — a few I think, and mostly not residents — want to turn what is a genuine neighborhood into a phony one. One that’s more about chain restaurants rather than a dingy but useful Post Office…”

Borderstan: Can you define for us the mission of your new site? Is the focus on business and development?



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