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With video and photos.

This is just… weird? There was an ongoing, friendly snowball fight today at 14th and U NW. Then, according to NBC Channel 7, the fight was joined by antiwar protesters. Around 2:45 or so this afternoon, some of the participants threw snowballs at a passing Hummer SUV. It turns out that the driver of the Hummer was an off-duty police detective who lost his cool, got out of his car and drew his gun. He calmed down after a uniformed MPD officer arrived. NBC Channel 7 reports on the incident, noting that MPD is defending the uniformed officer.

It gets convoluted, doesn’t it?

This is from Gawker, “Fun with Guns: Viligante DC Cop Dishes Draconian Martial Law for Snowball Fight.” Gawker picked it up from Washington City Paper (with incredible photos) and the ABC affiliate in DC. There are lots of tweets about it, too.



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