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El Avila Mountain separates the Venezuelan capital of Caracas from the Caribbean, just 17 miles on the other side.

El Avila Mountain separates the Venezuelan capital of Caracas from the Caribbean Sea, just 8 miles away by car on the other side.

This view of Caracas, and the lush green of the hillsides, is one of those things you have to experience in person. It is impossible to understand how magnificent a view it is through a photo.

One of Luis’ friends in Caracas took this photo from her office window. The mountain in the background is El Avila, which has an almost magical quality for Caraquenos, the term of Caracas residents. On the other side of El Avila–and about 8 miles from downtown Caracas–is the Caribbean Sea and of great beaches.

The city sprawls for miles through the Caracas Valley and onto the hillsides. There are wealthy neighborhoods, large middle-class enclaves and poor neighborhoods–in close proximity. The city’s development, whether private or public, is fueled by Venezuela’s immense oil revenues.


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HBO has a series of “Habla” videos… Latino/a actors, comedians, writers speak directly to the camera about various life events or provide commentary on society. As I am married to a Venezuelan, “Habla Alberto,” is one of my favorites. And, yes, this has happened to my partner at least twice. Someone asks him, “Where are you from?” When he replies, “Venezuela,” they say, “Wow! You don’t look like you’re from Minnesota!” Go figure. Actually, if you’ve been to the Twin Cities, you’ll know that not everyone is blond anymore.


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