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Luis Gomez Photos.)

The fountain at Dupont Circle. (Image: Luis Gomez Photos.)

Borderstanians: In addition to the two gun robberies on Thanksgiving Eve in Borderstan, there have been a number of violent street crimes in the past two weeks, some involving guns, just west of Borderstan. The crimes have been concentrated north of Dupont Circle between 17th and 20th Streets and R and T Streets NW.
The following information about these crimes is from MPD Lt. Erich Miller, PSA 208.

Incident 1: Robbery with a Gun, 1900-block of S Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Thursday, November 27, at 1:30 a.m., on the 1900-block of S Street NW.
  • Details: Complainant reports he was walking in the block when the suspect approached him from the rear, pointed a silver colored gun at him and demanded his property.  Suspect fled on foot. Police believe there may be a connection between this crime and the street robbery that occured about 75 minutes earlier at 1617 15th Street in Borderstan.
  • Lookout: Lookout for a black male, 19 years of age, 6’0″, medium complexion, wearing a blue-white skull cap, dark coat, carrying a silver gun.

Incident 2: Assault with Intent to Rob, 1800-block of R Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Saturday, November 22, at 11 p.m., on the 1800-block of R Street NW.
  • Details: Complainant reports he was walking in the block when he was approached by two suspects and was punched. The suspects fled on foot, eastbound on R Street.
  • Lookout: Lookout is for two black males, 15- to 17-years old, 5’11”, 165 to 170 pounds wearing black coats.

Incident 3: Robbery Force & Violence, 1800-block of T Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Saturday, November 22, at 10:40 p.m., at 1800-block of T Street NW.
  • Details: Case closed with arrest of three suspects. The complainant reports he was walking in the block and was approached from behind by three suspects. All three suspects knocked the complainant to the ground and started punching him. The suspects fled on foot and were apprehended by Officer Mike Smith, PSA 208. The complainant was treated at George Washington Hospital for his injuries.
  • Three Arrested: Arrested were one adult and two juveniles. The adult is identified as Joshua Fortson, Black Male, DOB: 7/24/89. His address of record is 1119 Stevens Road SE. The two juveniles arrested are 15- and 17-years old and live in the vicinity of the arrested adult suspect; their names cannot be released because they are juveniles.

Incident 4: Robbery Force & Violence, 1700-block of Swann Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Tuesday, November 11, at 6 p.m., 1700-block of Swann Street NW.
  • Details: Complainant reports while walking in the block a group of six males jumped him from behind and began punching him. The complainant sustained a laceration to his forehead and was treated at George Washington University Hospital.
  • Lookout: A general lookout was provided for six black males in their late teens to early ’20s. 

Incident 5: Assault with Intent to Rob, 18th & New Hampshire NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Monday, November 10, at 12:10 a.m., at 18th Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW.
  • Details: Female complainant reports she was walking in the block when two suspects approached her from behind and pushed her to the ground. The suspects attempted to grab the complainant’s bag, but fled before taking possession of it. The suspects fled on foot northbound on 18th Street.
  • Lookout: Lookout is for two black males, 15- to 16-years old, 5’7″ to 5’8″, 140 pounds, wearing blue jeans and dark coats.

Arrest Made in Theft from Auto

PSA 208 officers made an arrest in a Theft from Auto case on November 27 in the 1600-block of O Street NW.  The suspect is identified as Reginald Teneyck, 52-years old, no fixed address.

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Borderstanians: There were two gun robberies in the heart of Borderstan on Thanksgiving Eve. Both of the robberies were on 15th Street–the first on the 1700-block (north of R Street) and the second on the 1600-block of 15th Street (south of Corcoran Street). Descriptions of the suspects are below with the crime info.
The following information about the muggings is from MPD Lt. Erich Miller, PSA 208, even though both crimes technically occured in East Borderstan on the east side of 15th Street NW, in PSA 307.
Incident 1: Robbery Force & Violence at 1717 15th Street NW
  • Date, Time & Location: Wednesday, November 26, at 10:30 p.m., at 1717 15th Street NW.
  • Details: Two complainants reported they were walking in the block, when three suspects approached them from the rear and began punching them. The suspects took $120 cash and fled northbound on 15th Street.
  • Lookout: Be on thelookout is for three black males, 16- to 18-years old, wearing dark coats.  

Incident 2: Robbery with a Gun at 1617 15th Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Thursday, November 27, at 12:15 a.m., at 1617 15th Street NW.
  • Details: Two complainants report they were walking in the block when Suspect 1 approached him from the rear, pointed a gun at him and demanded cash. Stolen was $40 cash and a cell phone. Police believe there may be a connection between this crime and the street robbery that occured about 75 minutes later in the 1900-block of R Street NW.
  • Lookout: Be on the lookout for Suspect 1: black male, 19-years old, dark complexion, 5’9″, wearing blue jeans, armed with a black handgun.  Lookout for Suspect 2: black male, 19 years old, 5’9″, wearing a black coat and black pants.

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Find information about and from the D.C. MPD in the links section in the right-hand column.

Find information about and from the D.C. MPD in the links section in the right-hand column.

Borderstanians, I received this today from MPD Second District Acting Commander Matthew Klein:

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Committing Gay Hate Crime in Georgetown

WASHINGTON – A 19-year-old Virginia man, Ruddad Abdulgader, pled guilty today before D.C. Superior Court Judge Harold L. Cushenberry, Jr. to two criminal counts, including Felony Assault with Bias Intent, for his role in an unprovoked hate crime attack with a bottle on a gay man in the 3400 block of M Street, NW, on October 3, 2008, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor announced.

Abdulgader pled guilty to one count of Felony Assault with Bias Intent and one count of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon. Because Abdulgader committed a bias crime, his maximum penalty on that charge is enhanced by District of Columbia law by 1½ times (Felony Assault carries a 3-year maximum penalty, and Felony Assault with Bias Intent carries a 4½ year maximum penalty).

In total, Abdulgader faces a maximum punishment of 5½ years incarceration, and he is likely to be sentenced according to the District of Columbia Sentencing Commission’s Voluntary Sentencing Guidelines. Abdulgader’s sentencing date has been scheduled for February 6, 2009, and he remains incarcerated pending his sentencing.

According to the Statement of Offense to which Abdulgader pled guilty, Abdulgader and another individual approached the victim and his friend, and entered into a conversation with them as to their sexual orientation. During the conversation, the victim and his friend were subjected to homophobic remarks, and they attempted to leave the area. After the victim and his friend tried to leave, Abdulgader moved ahead of them and pretended to apologize. In the middle of making an apology, with no warning or provocation, Abdulgader hit the victim in the left side of his face with a glass vodka bottle. The victim was knocked unconscious and required medical attention to deal with his injuries. Abdulgader admitted that he hit the victim in his face with the bottle based upon his prejudice against the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation.

In announcing the guilty plea, U.S. Attorney Taylor praised the work of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Detective Kathy Jackson, MPD Sergeant Vernon Gudger, and MPD Officers Heath Tucker, Monica Agusti, and Eric Adgerson. He also praised the work of Legal Assistant Kalisha Johnson-Clark, and Paralegal Supervisor Wanda Trice. Mr. Taylor also thanked Assistant U.S. Attorney Tejpal S. Chawla who investigated and is prosecuting the case.

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facelift_logoFrom the Washington Blade, November 13:

“One of two men arrested for assaulting a gay man in Georgetown pleaded guilty Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court to two charges, including felony assault with bias intent.

“Ruddad Abdulgader, 19, faces a maximum sentence of five and a half years in prison for the bias-related assault charge and the second charge to which he pleaded guilty–possession of a prohibited weapon, a liquor bottle.”

Read entire story.

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An AK-47, an automatic asault rifle. (Image from Wikipedia.)

An AK-47, an automatic asault rifle. (Image from Wikipedia.)

Borderstanians, I received this information from MPD Officers Roland Hoyle and Mike Smith, PSA 208. There have been six robberies in MPDs Second and Third Police Districts since October 16 in which the robbers have used either a shotgun or AK-47.

This was the first I had heard about these particular crimes. Have you heard anything?


Here is more information from the police:

  • Description of Crimes: Since October 16, 2008, six (6) robberies involved a long gun (shotgun or AK-47) have occurred in the Second and Third districts. These robberies have occurred on weekdays only between 2325h – 0250h. The first two occurred approximately 24-hours apart on October 16-17, 2008. The next three (3) robberies occurred only hours apart on October 29-30, 2008.  The most recent robbery occurred just after midnight on Monday, November 3rd.
  • Description of Suspects: The suspects are described as two black males in their late teens or early 20’s, both standing approximately 6’0” and weighing 180-200 pounds. They have been consistently described as wearing dark clothing and, at times, black skull caps.
  • Victimology: These robberies have been committed against both lone victims and groups of two or more victims.
  • Times of Occurence: These robberies tend to occur during weekdays just before or after midnight. Furthermore, at times these robberies occur in quick succession.

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Image from Guardian Angels Web site.

Image from Guardian Angels Web site.

It appears that they Guardian Angels have or are doing some work in Adams Morgan. I saw this post on Monday on Yahoo! Groups Dupont Forum list. There have been several (highly publicized) incidents of violent crime in the Adams Morgan area recently, many or most of them not 18th Street during the crowded weekend nights. Here it the posting from the Guardian Angels:

Posted by: “John Unique Ayala”

Please join us for our weekly walk around the neighborhood of Adams Morgan. We patrol all alleys and dark spots surrounding (Mozart, Champlain, 17th, Ontario, Euclid, etc.) as well as 18th St. & Columbia Rd. Bring a neighbor! All you need is a smile, flashlight, pen & pad. Join old friends or make new ones.

If you have an orange hat please bring it. We encourage any and everyone 16 years old and older to patrol with us. The Guardian Angels walk With the people in the community. We must have at least 5 community members from the scheduled neighborhood or the walk will be cancelled. Please join us Monday 20, 2008 from 7 PM to 9 pm We meet in front of Sun Trust bank & the Police Substation on 18th street and Columbia Road. EXCEPT AS NOTED.

To start a weekly patrol in your community with the Guardian Angels please contract John Ayala.

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Here is the news release from the DC MPD (below). The Washington Blade has a story here. At this point, the police do not believe the murder was an anti-gay hate crime. The murder occured near the gay club, Be Bar, which is located at 1318 9th Street NW, in DC’s Shaw neighborhood.

The MPD news release:

On October 15, 2008, members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPDC) Joint Fugitive Task force located and arrested 18 year old Robert Hanna, who was being sought pursuant to a District of Columbia Superior Court arrest warrant charging him with Voluntary Manslaughter, related to the death of Tony Randolph Hunter. 

Members of the MPDC’s Homicide Branch, particularly Detectives Jacqueline Middleton and Jed Worrell, along with members of the Joint Fugitive Task Force, worked tirelessly to ensure the capture of Mr. Hanna. Chief Lanier held a press conference this afternoon, during which she thanked members of the community who had cooperated with investigators and also the countless tips that were forwarded to investigators using the MPDC’s TIP line.

Of particular interest to members of the GLBT community, Chief Lanier stated the case was thoroughly reviewed by prosecutors at the United States Attorney’s Office and there is no evidence to support a hate crime enhancement (editor’s emphasis). Furthermore, Chief Lanier indicated the initial suspected motive of robbery was eventually determined by investigators to not be correct and that the death of Mr. Hunter resulted from an altercation between Mr. Hunter and Mr. Hanna, during which Mr. Hunter suffered injuries which lead to his death.

Mr. Hanna will be presented in the District of Columbia Superior Court, at which time a judge will determine if he will be released or jailed pending the judicial process.

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From Monday’s Washington Post:

D.C. police say they are seeing a growing number of teenagers and young adults traveling in groups to assault and rob unsuspecting citizens, a trend that mirrors crimes in cities across the country.

In an eight-hour period last week, five people were attacked by juveniles in separate incidents, including an armed carjacking, in the Southwest waterfront neighborhood. And in the past month, there have been between seven and 11 “pack robberies” in or near Adams Morgan in Northwest Washington, Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said.

Read entire article.

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The following crime occured just outside the borders of Borderstan. Kingman Place runs north to south from P to Q, between 13th and 14th Streets NW. Around 9 p.m. on Friday, October 3, there was a carjacking on the 1500-block of Kingman Place NW. The following information is from MPD Assistant Chief of Police Diane Groomes via the 3rd District Yahoo! Groups listserv:

Sat Oct 4, 2008 7:20 am (PDT)

The Third District had a reported carjacking in the 1500 blk of Kingman PL at approximately 9pm… officers responded to the area to take the report as others canvassed for the carjacked vehicle… 3d, 5d and Gun unit were able to find the carjacked vehicle that was occupied by 4 suspects and a brief pursuit was initiated.. the suspects threw a weapon out on New York Ave (which was recovered) and then bailed out at 1st and Florida… 3 suspects were apprehended and charged with carjacking… it was a great job by MPD….

I’ll provide more details when I get them.

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Gay bashing can happen anywhere, even in Borderstan. This one happened in July in Adams Morgan, just off 18th Street. From dcist:

District police arrested a teenager on Thursday in connection with an attack on three gay men in Adams Morgan this summer. The teen’s identity has not been released since he is a juvenile. The attack is considered a hate crime, according to a report from the Washington Blade. The MPD’s announcement of the arrest — released as a statement last night — said the teen is charged with aggravated assault.

Read entire posting.

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Early details on a shooting that occured late this afternoon. The incident occured in the rear of 1433 T Street NW. which is a large apartment building on the north side of the street. According to MPD Assistant Chief of Police Diane Groomes, “2 males shot in rear of 1433 T St… one drove themself to hospital… the one taken off scene by ambulance has died… no motive yet… still interviewing witnesses.”

Thanks to Groomes and Mark Cater, Acting Commaner for MPD’s 2nd District, for their rapid response to my request for information.


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