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I saw this posting at dcist from March 19. There is link to video from WJLA-7 TV. Note that this attack happened several weeks ago and very close to home, at Rue 14 Boutique at 1803 14th Street NW (east side, just north of S Street). However, according to the video, a similar attack occurred recently at another 14th Street business. Anyone have any additional details about either attack?

WJLA covers an assault and robbery committed by a group of teenage girls at the Rue 14 Boutique (1803 14th Street NW) a few weeks ago, noting that a similar crime happened at another business nearby earlier this week. They’ve got surveillance video of five young suspects who participated in a grab and run at Rue 14, with one of them staying behind to rough up the store owner while the others got away. Upsetting stuff.


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