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DC snow

NO, this photo was not taken October 29, 2011. It was taken during the February 2010 Snowpocalypse. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Matty Rhoades

Borderstan got the following press release Friday from the DC Department of Public Works, “Today’s Dry Run for DC Snow Team Prepares Staff for Saturday’s Possible Snow Event.”

Admittedly we are getting something this Saturday afternoon that is might be classified as is definitely a “wintry mix.” However, the limit of my panic is to stay home. Remember: A great place to get updates on weather-related closings is

I know DPW is doing their job (kudos to them), but I refuse to play along — I will not rush to the grocery store to buy gallons of milk, 12-packs of toilet paper or 10 frozen pizzas. Now, repeat that phrase to yourself, and refuse to follow the time-honored DC tradition of freak-out during winter weather.

Here is the Friday release from DPW. (You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.) Decide for yourself what panic-striken actions are necessary.

From DPW:

Washington, DC) The DC Snow Team (Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation) conducted its “Dry Run” today, giving heavy and light plow truck drivers and other equipment operators the opportunity to practice their skills before the first snowfall, which might be tomorrow, October 29. The Dry Run showcased about 250 pieces of equipment, including front end loaders that fill the plows with salt, tow trucks used to remove vehicles parked illegally during a snow emergency, and tanker trucks used to pre-treat the major roadways. In addition to drivers, team members include IT, quality control, safety and salt dome staff.

Saturday’s forecast calls for rain mixed with snow in the afternoon, ending around 7 pm to 8 pm. Any snow mixed with rain is expected to melt on the roadways, and pavement and air temperatures are expected to remain above freezing.

“The District will deploy several plows during the day to monitor bridges and other elevated structures and apply salt if necessary,” said DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. “If the snow doesn’t materialize, we will stand down.” He added, “It is a coincidence that the Dry Run occurred the day before the first flakes are predicted for the District. Tomorrow’s forecast of rain mixed with snow kept us focused, and we will be ready if Saturday’s forecast becomes more severe and we have to deploy more plows.”

“Our Snow Team is a year-round operation. From the moment it stops snowing to the moment it starts, we are preparing our plan, our people and our plows for the snow season,” said DDOT Director Terry Bellamy. “The Dry Run brings it all together and allows us to fine tune everything before the real work begins. This is also a good time for the public to look ahead and develop a personal plan for their families and their commutes in bad weather.”

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Borderstan Neil MacLean

Image by Neil MacLean. (

More winter weather is underway or on the way. Where to go for weather news — especially closings, delays and reschedulings?

  • Several of the major news outlets in the area provide good weather coverage: The Washington Post, and News Channel 8/TBD (28 on local Comcast) all provide good local weather coverage.
  • But when it comes to comprehensive, updated lists closings, delays and reschedulings, I always go with WTOP Radio’s website: They list schools, government (of various types, D.C., federal, states) as well as events and meetings.


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Good place to get weather closings and delays:

  • What’s the federal government doing this morning in reaction to the snow? According to, “Federal Government in Washington Area- Federal Agencies will operate with a 2 hour delay as well as unscheduled leave. (Monday)”
  • As for the DC government, “D.C. Government- Open. Liberal leave in effect (Monday)”
  • What about DC public schools? ” D.C. Public Schools- 2 hr. delay – Central offices open on time. (Monday)”

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