Construction of Kinetic Tiles at Dupont Circle Moves Closer to Completion

by Tim Regan October 28, 2016 at 2:30 pm 0

New kinetic tiles may soon generate extra electricity on the sidewalk just south of Dupont Circle.

Construction crews appear to be putting the finishing touches on a row of special “kinetic paver” tiles that generate electricity as people walk on them. The panels sit along a busy sidewalk where Connecticut Avenue meets Dupont Circle NW, steps away from the Dupont Metro station’s south entrance.

As reported by the Washington Business Journal, the panels, which are made by green energy company Pavegen, generate electricity via kinetic energy, then send that power to batteries for storage and later use.

It wasn’t immediately clear when the pavers would start generating power. A representative for DDOT didn’t give a timeline for the completion of the project.


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